Top Ideas For Kitchen Lighting In Your Home

Moving into a new home has given me lots of new ideas of how to make our home very special. My favourite room in our house is the kitchen diner, and I’ve been thinking of ways to jazz it up a bit. Previously I told you about my #InteriorInspirations for the kitchen and ways to make it more homely, now I want to brainstorm kitchen lighting.

 Top kitchen lighting ideas

This time of year natural light is in abundance for much of the day, but come Autumn and Winter with those dark mornings and evenings lighting is very important to me in the kitchen. When I get home from work I like to get the tea on and then prepare the packed lunches for the next day, so I can spend up to 2 hours in the kitchen in the early evenings.

These are my top ideas for lighting in your kitchen, I’m sure there are more, but this list covers the main types. It’s important to choose the correct lights for the mood you like to set. They also need to be interchangeable depending on the time of day for your lighting needs.

Top ideas for kitchen lighting

  • Downlights and Chandeliers
  • LED plinth lighting
  • Under cabinet lighting
  • Lighting under the kitchen worktop
  • Lights inside your upper cabinets
  • Table Top lamps for your workspaces.
  • Spotlights.

kitchen lighting

Photo by Naomi Hébert on Unsplash

We are lucky to have had ceiling spotlights fitted in our kitchen already, but I’ve always wanted LED plinth lighting to add an extra dimension to the kitchen as well. It would be ideal lighting to help me brush up all the crumbs on the floor which I would be able to see!! Honestly though, I think they bring that extra special elegant finish to any kitchen. There are so many different designs available that I’m sure you would find the correct LED plinth lighting to suit your needs. The benefits of LED plinth lights, Low energy consumption, Low heat output, Low maintenance – rarely have to change the bulbs, and they can cover a wide area.


What kind of lighting do you have in your kitchen?

Would you consider LED plinth lighting and/or lighting under the worktops?


As always I love to read your thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by today.

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