Ideas for Dressing Living Room Windows

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We’ve been living in our new build house for two and a half years now, and it’s only recently we have been changing up our curtains and blinds throughout the house. Dressing living room windows have become a bit of interest for me as I’ve recently also helped mum out with her miner’s cottage renovation. The small bespoke cottage windows in mum’s home were a bit of a challenge. But discovering lots of advice from Couture Living who specialise in made to measure curtains and blinds has made everything so much easier and less stressful.

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In this blog post, I’m sharing with you ideas for dressing living room windows in all types of homes, like cottages, flats, and new builds. One of the reasons I want to share new ideas for new builds is because, from previous experiences, the walls in new builds are fairly soft and they can’t take the weight of a heavy curtain pole. It will just come straight out the wall. Lesson learned! So a fix around this is to screw in a wooden batten over your windows and fix the curtain poles to this.

Dressing Living Room Windows

In a new build

In new builds, your windows are new and you have a clean slate to begin with. Unlike older properties who are built more spaced apart, new builds can be tightly packed in a small area, therefore you need to dress your windows appropriately so you have some privacy from your neighbours.

If you are super organised, once you know what style blinds or curtains you want, and your house is close to completion you can pop in and measure your windows before you even move in. Or use Couture Living’s Measure, Make and Fit service and have them ready just as you move in.

New builds are often painted in neutral colours, so a good place to start would be having a neutral colour Roman blind or a light voile curtain. Later on, you can add curtains to your colour taste to brighten up the room.

In period homes

In a period home, you need to decide if you want to take advantage of your window shape and design to show it off or disguise them. Also with older drafty properties, you might wish to use heavy curtains to insulate against the cold drafts and reduce noise.

Mixing and matching fabrics for the blinds and curtains are a good choice. A statement patterned window blind, matched with long flowing curtains in a complementary shade for a good look, would suit large windows. For that luxury feel, velvet or suede fabrics teamed with ornate pelmets for that classical look and feel to your living room.

Open plan living spaces

With larger living rooms and open plan living spaces, bolder brighter colours are perfect to draw your eye. Curtains with patterns even more so. I absolutely adore this Chinoiserie Flower fabric with its beautiful pinks and blues.

Chinoiserie Flower Fabric
Chinoiserie Flower Fabric Credit: Couture Living

In old cottages

I grew up in mum’s old miner’s cottage with its small pokey windows. To keep the living room as light as possible and to make it feel airy, mum used to use light colours and keeping with the country-style theme vintage print designed fabrics.

Another idea would for maximum light would be to dress your living room windows with sheer fabrics like linen or a voile. Perfect for the Summer letting the light in while still providing some privacy.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have found this post useful and it’s given you some help for your dressing your living room windows.

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13 thoughts on “Ideas for Dressing Living Room Windows

    1. Beautiful ideas- interior design is not a strong point for me – thanos for the inspiration

  1. Great post! Having had curtains originally, we have now opted for oak blinds and voiles to soften the light which have made our living room very cosy. There are so many window dressing options and it’s hard to know which to choose 🙂

  2. We live in an old converted building now which is beautiful but omg does it get cold! We’ve had to go full out insulation on the curtain front xx

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