Creating a Comfy Conservatory

If you’re lucky enough to have your own conservatory, you should do what you can to make the most of it. The best way to think of a conservatory is as an extension of both the living room and the garden, bringing the outdoors in and vice versa. By working on this premise, you can create a stylish, comfy conservatory to keep the whole family happy.

We are planning to have a new conservatory built when we move into our new home. It’s one thing I have always wanted and can’t think of anywhere else I would love to cosy up with a book and a slice of cake!

Creating a comfy conservatory

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If you need some help to get started, here are some of the things you can do to make your conservatory more comfortable:


Decorating your conservatory with botanical prints and fabrics will help to bring some of the outdoors in and make the room feel like the extension to the garden it is. Use as many natural fabrics like cotton and line as you can to keep things light and outdoorsy. This should include your choice of seating. A rattan sofa, for example, will keep you comfy, while blending in with the natural surroundings of the garden.

Natural Colours

Natural Colours - flowers, conservatory ideas

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You will also want to use natural colours such as duck egg blue, teal, and soft greens to mimic and complement the colours you will see outside in the garden. They will also make the conservatory seem even more spacious.

Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

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So many of us end up using our conservatories as little more than additional storage space, which while understandable, doesn’t exactly make for the comfiest or spaces. You should use your conservatory in all its glory, so purchase some wicker baskets, rattan drawers, and coat hooks to keep your storage hidden and the room relaxing.

Make it Personal

So many conservatories are devoid of any personal touches, which can make them seem rather cold, even when the sun is shining through. So, don’t be afraid to bring family photos, fresh flowers or favourite knickknacks into the room – it’ll make it feel more like a real part of the home than an extension.

Make it Entertaining

Where many families go wrong is that they leave the conservatory sorely lacking in the forms of entertainment they love. Whether you enjoy listening to your favorite bands, surfing the net or watching TV, don’t be afraid to bring the gadgets and gizmos that will enable you to do this into the conservatory. If you think they look unsightly, you can find sophisticated ways of hiding them with screens, blankets, and covers when they’re not in use.

Climate Control

One of the biggest downsides of the conservatory is that it can get too hot in summer and too cold in winter, but this is only a problem if you let it be. Simply installing a good set of thermal blinds will go a long way to keeping the space cool in the summer and warm in the winter, but you could also install a fan, space heater or even underfloor heating for extra control over the environment.

No matter what you decide to do with your conservatory, please do something. Conservatories are such a plus to any family, providing extra space and a nice place to relax. Don’t let yours go to waste.

Do you have a conservatory, if so what do you use yours for?

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