5 Timeless Design Elements for Your Home That Never Date

Home interior trends may come and go, but the key to a timeless, beautiful house is to stick to classic design themes that never date. You’ll find that there are certain elements of home decor and interior styling that never go out of style – they just remain year after year.


While it’s nice to incorporate the latest interior trends from time to time, it will only cost you more time and money in the long run when the trend dies a death. Remember the stencil border trend? That’s what we’re talking about…

If you want to ditch following the home trends and create a timeless design look that will stand the test of time, it’s worth understanding those ‘evergreen’ design tips. Here are five which will help your home have a classic look for years to come.

1. A Symmetrical Layout

A timeless home tends to follow the rules of symmetry. It’s known that our eyes are instantly drawn to anything that has perfect symmetry and balance, which is why it makes sense for the home. All you have to do is look at the rise of home accounts on Instagram, which all feature spacious, carefully aligned rooms, to see why this looks attractive.

Creating a room which looks well balanced is one of the first steps to creating an instagram-worthy home. If you want to try injecting some symmetry into the rooms of your home, think about doubling up on items, so they mirror each other. This works well if you have the space for two sofas or two bookshelves which can sit at both sides of the fireplace.

The mantle piece is a nice place to bring in a symmetrical feel, mainly by using accessories. For example, you could place matching vases, lamps or photo frames, with a key feature in the middle. Or in a bathroom, you can feature matching hand care products at either side of the sink.

If at any point you struggle, remember that this design element is like creating a mirror image on each side of the room, so try to visualise a mirror running down the middle.

2 Keep Technology Out of Sight

A neat, tidy and fuss-free room radiates a relaxed atmosphere, which is why it’s key to hide any bulky technology away if you can. Technology can now be stored and featured in blended-in areas of the rooms, like slimline TV’s mounted on walls, and computers tucked away in stylish cabinets.

Music stereos, speakers and games devices tend to get smaller and sleeker each year, so these can now be packed away in drawers or cupboards when not being used. Wires and cables littering the floor is never a good look, so always look at storage options before bringing technology into your rooms.

5 Timeless Design Elements for Your Home That Never Date

3. A Neutral Colour Scheme

There’s no denying that a bright, bold wall can look fashionable and chic in the home, but when the colour starts to date, you would then have to re-paint. Back in the ’70s, burnt orange and browns were popular interior colours to have for wallpaper, curtains and cushions. Imagine if you had wallpapered with those colours! They wouldn’t have worked in the ’80s, ’90s and beyond.

To give your house a timeless look, always stick to neutral colours. No matter if you use creamy shades of beige or a stark bright white, neutrals always hold their class and appear elegant. If you do wish to bring a flash of colour in, look at artwork which may inject some complimenting shades.

4. Use Natural Materials

The finishes and materials around your home speak volumes about your home. You want it to look natural yet luxury, which is where wood, stone and silk work well. Look to opt for oak dining tables and bed frames, granite worktops for the kitchen, and wool and silk for any fabric finishes.

A lot of home retailers push plastic and steel, but again, these sit under a lot of interior trends, which simply come and go in the design world.

5. Work Around Focal Points

The interior design element of focal points never dates, no matter which room in the home you want to work on. Living rooms look smart and stylish with either a fireplace or a feature wall as the central point (where the TV may sit), and kitchens tend to be designed around an attractive oven and hob unit.  

If you don’t have the features in a room, or they aren’t nice enough to be a focal point, you can use a stunning piece of art or a carefully selected item of vintage furniture.

Of course, everyone’s home is different. It might be that you have a period home, or a brand new modern apartment, in which you should always make sure to follow the theme of the building first. As long as your decor and interior reflect your personality, and you follow the above tips, your home will look timeless and classic for years to come!

Thanks for stopping by today and checking out this timeless design ideas, you can check out related posts over at our interior design space.

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