Top Tips For Making your Bathroom ‘Grandparent’ Friendly

*I was recently commissioned by Premier Care to give my thoughts on Making your Bathroom ‘Grandparent’ Friendly.

Since losing my dad last year I realise now how life is so precious. Grandparents are not going to be around forever, and while both my mum and Mr B’s are around we want them to feel as comfortable in our home as much as possible. My mother in law has hip problems and my mum has osteoarthritis in her back as well as fibromyalgia. So both of them find it hard to maneuver around in our family bathroom.

We have been doing some reading on how you can go about making your bathroom “Grandparent” friendly with Premier Care and I’m going to share these ideas with you today.

Making a bathroom accessible to the elderly

There are a few changes you can make to your bathroom to make it accessible to not only the elderly but also people with disabilities. Going to use the bathroom independently means keeping their dignity, I know my mum and mother in law are proud people and need to do as much as they can for themselves.

Top Tips For Making your Bathroom 'Grandparent' Friendly
Top Tips For Making your Bathroom ‘Grandparent’ Friendly

These following quick tips are easily put in place in your bathroom before I get to the options which require professional installation.

  • Adding extra handrails,
  • A raised toilet seat,
  • Non-slip mats, and surfaces,
  • Making sure everything is within easy reach,
  • Limit floor clutter,
  • Easy to reach light switches.

Accessible bathroom options

Being able to bath and wash independently means they won’t need your help as much and of course means a lot to them. Here are various options on making your bathroom ‘Grandparent’ friendly

Walk-in Shower

Having a walk-in shower installed will allow everyone to have a relaxed and safe shower. Features include lower access, thermostatic control, grab rails where needed and also the option to have seated areas installed.

Walk-in Bath

Sometimes all you need is a relaxing soak in the bath to relieve those aches and pains. Baths are tricky to climb in even if you are a fit and healthy adult so a normal bath to an elderly person can be scary. Having a walk-in bath installed can remove those fears and bathing can again be comforting and relaxing. Features include low-level entry, slip-resistant surfaces, thermostatic bath fillers, and grab rails. Comfortable integrated seat and inward door opening. They can also come with luxury spa options.

Do you have any ideas for making your bathroom “Grandparent” friendly?

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