How to Hide Your Ugly Air Conditioning Unit

Having air conditioning during the hot summer months is a luxury for some and a necessity for others. However, these boxy, functional appliances tend to be an eyesore. While modern air conditioning units are more subtle and streamlined than their predecessors, they typically detract from interior design themes.

How to Hide Your Ugly Air Conditioning Unit (Image source – Pexels)

Fortunately, there are strategies for drawing the eye away from your air conditioning unit. Here are some strategic ways to hide your ugly air conditioning unit and some important considerations to keep in mind.

Essential Considerations When Hiding Your AC Unit

There are two overarching things to keep in mind when hiding your air conditioner: airflow and repair access. According to experts at Milestone Cooling services Frisco, TX, ensuring a technician can access the unit for maintenance and emergency repairs are essential. When you hide your air conditioner, ensure that a technician has enough room to open the covers and use their tools.

Airflow is another essential consideration when hiding your unit. It’s not worth paying for air conditioning if it doesn’t cool your home. Leave room around the output vents and avoid solid barriers in front of the unit.

With those considerations in mind, here are some designer-inspired ways to hide your AC.

Upgrade Vent Covers

If you have a whole-house unit with vents in each room, the easiest way to elevate the look of your air conditioner is to upgrade the vent covers. Rather than leaving the standard slatted vents in place, look for an ornate, designer-inspired alternative. You can find decorative vent covers online and at home improvement stores or have a custom design crafted to suit your home’s aesthetic.

Use Curtains

Curtains are another simple, impermanent way to hide ugly air conditioning units. If you have a window-mounted unit, adding sheer curtains will allow for adequate airflow while hiding the bulky, light-blocking appliance. 

If you have a wall-mounted unit or mini-split, you can still get creative with curtains. Invest in long, luxurious curtains and hang them from the ceiling for an elegant, Victorian theater-inspired look. You can draw the curtains to hide the unit when it’s not in use or during the offseason. This approach looks brilliant if the unit is mounted close to a window.

Use Creative Shelving

Installing shelving is another effective way to hide air conditioning units and mini-splits. If you use this strategy, remember the importance of access and airflow.

Consider placing an easy-to-remove floating shelf with decor above your unit or slightly below. If you have high ceilings, putting a shelf below the unit will make it less noticeable. 

You can also add a built-in bookshelf around your air conditioning unit and use creative decor to detract attention from it. Many designers use stylized bookshelves to create an atmospheric experience in shared spaces. If you decorate with indoor plants, avoid placing them on the shelves closest to the unit.

Install a Sliding Wall Cover

Adding a sliding wall cover is another great way to hide an air conditioning unit— mini-split or otherwise. This strategy works best if the unit is surrounded by shelving or recessed into the wall. Alternatively, you can build a cupboard or box with a sliding, slatted cover around your air conditioner.

Use Paint

Finally, you can paint most air conditioners or mini-splits to match your wall color or design scheme. However, this is a significant undertaking that requires care and consideration to avoid causing damage to your costly appliance.

You’ll need a plastic or metal-friendly spraypaint for this project. You’ll also need to remove the plastic covers, which can be tricky. If you’re considering this option, talk to your home cooling specialist about the best way to dismantle and reassemble the covers before diving in.

With these practical strategies, you can transform your ugly air conditioning unit into a part of your home’s interior decor.

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