How To Design and Plan a Dream Kitchen

I love a practical yet stunning kitchen. It’s the most sociable room in the house, plus it’s where you create cooking masterpieces. Our old house had a beautiful kitchen. It’s what I believe sold our house quickly. Here currently in this house, we have a nice kitchen. But not a dream kitchen. How to design and plan a dream kitchen has been on my mind for a while now, so I’m sharing a few how to’s and tips of what we are doing.

How To Design and Plan a Dream Kitchen

What is the function of the kitchen?

To begin with, I’m going to clarify the function space of the kitchen. Of course, we all know the kitchen is where you prepare and cook a meal. But what other uses are for the kitchen area? Well for us it serves as a social area. The girls do their homework, arts and crafts and play games on the kitchen table. Normally while I’m washing up (no I don’t have a dishwasher!) or preparing a meal. Our current kitchen also serves as the place for muddy wellies by the back door as we don’t have a utility room. I would love a breakfast bar with gorgeous laminate worktops to sit around eating breakfast and reading a magazine. So there are many functions a kitchen has for us and this would need to be taken into account while designing and planning a dream kitchen.

What about the work flow in a kitchen?

If you spend many hours preparing and cooking in your kitchen you might want to consider the work flow/work triangle of your kitchen. The work triangle is the distance between your cooker, fridge and sink. You want the least distance possible between these three points to create an efficient flow in your kitchen and that it’s safe for when you are carrying saucepans of water from the hob to the sink to drain. An important point to make when designing your dream kitchen.

How To Design and Plan a Dream Kitchen

Plan your dream kitchen storage

One thing you can never have enough of is kitchen storage. Places to put your good crockery that doesn’t come out very often. It needn’t be easily accessible for the everyday use, but a great area to store it in would be perfect. Do you prefer pull out drawers for your pots and pans? Would you like special herb and spice storage next to the cooker? Wine storage in the breakfast bar? There are many options to think about and these can be added to your kitchen design plans.

Quality materials

If you are renovating or starting your dream kitchen from scratch you will want the best quality materials you can afford. Spending a fair chunk of money on a kitchen means you want it to last. One durable material you will want to consider is granite worktops. Not only is it heat resistant, but stunning to look at. Every granite worktop is unique in its pattern. Plus it’s great for chocolate work!

Lighting and applicances

It might be something that’s easily overlooked, but planning where your lighting needs to go is fairly important in the kitchen. You will need the cooking and prep area to be well lit. This can be achieved by spotlights and under cabinet lighting. Installing a dimmer switch is a great idea if you use the kitchen for eating and entertaining also.

Looking into the appliances for your kitchen is a worthy job. Are you looking for integrated appliances, or standalone? A double range or a simple oven. Do you plan to have a large American style refrigerator? Is there room for one? There are many options to look at and consider what is right for you and your kitchen space.

Enjoy the planning and researching stage for your dream kitchen, it will need to last you a long time!

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