Do Home Improvements add Value to your Home, and to what Cost?

With Spring around the corner, it’s that time of year when you start thinking about home improvements. I have already been chatting to my husband about improvements we could make this year. I have always wondered, do they home improvements add value to your home? If so how much would they add? When we moved house last Summer, I spent ages tidying and cleaning up our old house ready for sale. Weekends were spent deweeding and decluttering the garden, but did it add value to our home? If I’m being honest no, but then it was only surface work and what you can see we carried out.

Did you know that data from the Office for National Statistics has predicted that those in the UK collectively spend almost £30 billion on home improvements annually? That works out at £43 million each week.

If you are looking to significantly add value to your house then maybe you need to check out these ideas. DM Design, a bespoke bedroom specialist, has carried out research to discover how much home improvements can add to your home’s value:

Fitting a new Kitchen

Everyone loves a kitchen, it is the focal point of a home. If you take Phil Spencer’s advice from Location, Location, Location he says that a new kitchen will typically add 4.6 percent onto the overall value of a home. He also points out that the kitchen must match the value of the home. For example it’s no good adding an expensive £25k kitchen to a house that’s only worth £175k. To really take your kitchen to a new level why not add some new Essex Worktops. New worktops can transform your kitchen as well as add value to the room.

How home improvements add value to your home

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Fitting a new Bathroom

Having an extra bathroom or en suite is another house improvement you could make. The Nationwide Building Society states that either a new en-suite bathroom or the creation of a second bathroom can add around five per cent to a home’s overall value.

Good old Phil Spencer does say that it’s best to keep things simple and only improve the current cosmetics of your current bathroom. It’s about the features you put in. For example, replace the taps, a new shower head, add a heated chrome towel rail and instead of a shower curtain add a shower door or screen.

By doing all of this you could increase the value of your home by 2.88 percent.

Here are some great tips on speed cleaning your bathroom in 7 easy steps to help you get your house sale ready.

Loft Conversion

The best houses for making use of a loft space were built before 1975 and have a maximum head room of 2.3 metres. The Nationwide Building Society estimates that a loft conversion may be able to add up to 21 per cent onto the overall value of a home.

You need to be aware that professional advice needs to be sought before planning a loft conversion, as the project has to meet both building and fire regulations.

Converting a Garage

Did you know that 90% of garages in Britain do not contain a car? Ours included! The garage therefore could be transformed into a living space or an extra bedroom. Phil Spencer says that the value added can be calculated by multiplying the square footage gained by local price per square foot.

You may need window fitters 4 steps to fit a window to help you add windows to your newly converted garage. It’s not a job that can be done on the spur of the moment. It will take time and planning to get it right.

Adding a Conservatory

This is something we are thinking about doing over the next few years. We have the garden space for it and it will just be an extra bit of living space for us. Especially with another baby on the way. I think my husband would like a conservatory as a man space so he can get away from us girls!

Mark Hayward, the managing director of the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA), has underlined to The Telegraph why homeowners should consider fitting their homes with a conservatory. He commented: “Conservatories will add value to a home, but they need to be made with quality materials and provide a lot of light in order for the value to be significant.”

Improving the Garden

As I said at the start we did a general tidy and declutter of the garden to make it look as inviting as possible. A garden can be used a lot during the Summer months for BBQ’s and outside dining, and maybe a spot of sunbathing! So you want the garden to be accessible and adjoining the inside. For this it’s recommended to have open out doors to the outside and lots of outdoor lighting.

Plus as a bonus good old Phil Spencer advises that by adding an area of decking can add up to 2 percent to your homes over all value.

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How home improvements add value to your home

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