Furniture Removal Ideas For A Kid’s Bedroom

Having a small house while living with your kids can be pretty challenging. It would be best if you learned how to incorporate some amazing bedroom ideas that will help you organize and decorate their space. Moreover, kids need a lot of space for their clothes, toys, gadgets, books and even homework. For some of the ideas on organizing kids’ bedrooms or if you require help while moving to another house and require assistance settling in and arranging your stuff, check out this website.

Furniture Removal Ideas For A Kid's Bedroom

Here are a few ideas and opinions on how to decorate and organize your kids’ rooms to make them look cute and organized.

Bedroom furniture removal and storage space ideas for small kids

1. Add storage to the bed

The bed usually takes up most of the space in the bedroom. You can manipulate the bed to make use of the bedroom space. The best way to manipulate the bed is by introducing under the bed storage bins or using canvas storage bins and you can make them more fun by utilising fun designs that kids will love.

2. Buy beds with built-in storage

A good kids bedroom idea that will be of great help to organise the bedroom is buying a bed that has built-in storage. The storage can be in the form of drawers or bookcase headboards. The advantage of using this kind of bed is that you won’t need a box spring. These beds come in several colours and come at a fair price and have enough room underneath it for storage.

3. Adopt a loft bed that goes vertical

Loft beds are great ideas for small kids since they do not require much in the area under it. These vertical loft beds offer:

  • Arts and craft station.
  • An open play area.
  • Spacious area for homework and studying.
  • Storage area for toys.

If you have a kid that is of age to climb in and out of the loft bed, the loft beds come with ladders as a security purpose to make sure your kids are safe getting in and out of bed

4. Try bunk beds if you have several kids

Bunk beds are a common choice for saving space in the kids’ rooms. They come in a variety of colours and materials. Most of these bunk beds can fit with just about any décor and they are budget-friendly. Some bunk beds come in the form of triple bunk beds as a way of saving space. These triple bunk beds are durable and are of the perfect height. They also have another additional feature whereby they convert into three separate twin beds if you wish to use them separately.

bunk beds to save room space

5. Corner beds

Having corner beds with shelves and storage in your kids’ rooms can help save a lot of space. These corner beds can leave you with enough space to develop a study area or play area for your kid.

6. Utilise a whole wall as a storage and play area

If you have kids who are still at the age of playing with toys, you might consider using one whole wall as the kids’ play and toy storage area. It will make the room look even better, and the kids will know the exact area where to find their toys.

If you have older kids, you can use that wall as a storage, display and study area. Utilize wall shelves where the kids and store their books and some of their other belongings.

7. Get a fold-down desk

Floating desks are good for kids of any age. They offer enough space for kids to do their homework and projects and they do not utilise a lot of space. Kids can also utilize fold-out desks that come with cubbies where they can store their supplies.

Wrap up

There are several ways in which you can adopt to utilise space in your kids’ rooms and make their living in the house feel comfortable. 

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  1. A fold down desk is a great idea. Im having a big clearout of my daughter’s bedroom soon before Christmas but she really doesn’t have much space so this is a great idea and some other great ideas here too.

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