Finding The Right Place To Buy a House

How do you go about finding the right place to buy a house in the world? If the world was your oyster where would you set up home? You could spend hours browsing online at different places around the world. I’ve always said to myself if I couldn’t live in my home in Cornwall, the only other place I would like to live would be Canada. It’s pretty picturesque like Cornwall, just on a larger scale.

Finding The Right Place To Buy a House

In this post I’m going to share with you some tips on narrowing down the area for your new home.

Firstly does the new area have the 5 p’s? A primary school, parish church, pub, post office and public transport. If so you have found a great spot. Having these five are what most people look for, but of course, you can compromise on one or two if you really need to. Finding a Kazmi Law real estate lawyer with insider knowledge of the area would be the ideal place to start.

Think about your budget for the house and the area you would like to live in. Do they tally up? House prices can be volatile from one street to the next in a town or city. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch, look a few miles further afield.

Look what’s in the area. Would you want to live next to a railway line, or a construction yard? I know I’d prefer to live out in the country near a vineyard where you can learn more about wine! Rural life can be perfect for some. The peace and quiet, sounds of nature, the dream spot. But others could feel isolated. Some prefer the hustle and bustle of urban life with shops a couple of minutes from their doorstep. With clubs, leisure amenities and restaurants down the road.

One very important factor to consider in the right place is how far you want to live from your place of work. If you work from home that’s not really an issue, but if you have to commute each day, living close by cuts down on travel time. Therefore you can be home quicker to your family after a hard long day. If you need help in looking for the perfect place to call home, have a chat to port credit real estate if you are in that area.

If you have children, then a good school will be on your list. It’s easy to look up online at the schools in the area you are wanting to move to. See if they are oversubscribed, ask for a visit to check it out.

If it’s going to be a home you are staying in for a long time, then have a look at the local council’s plans for any major house building projects or transport developments. These could affect the future house prices and the look of the area.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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