A Complete Guide to Matching Rugs with Floors

Rugs are a great option for any room. Not only do they help to protect your floor, they offer another way to create a stylish space, helping to improve the décor and make a room that bit nicer. However, it’s important to find a rug that matches the floor type!

Not doing so runs the risk of choosing a rug that really doesn’t add anything to the room, so you always want to find the right match between floors and rugs. It’s easy enough to do, providing you know what to look for to ensure they match!

The first thing to think about is the texture and style of both the rug and floor, as not every style and texture works well with every type of flooring. Then, you need to consider if the colour and the patterns match those of the floor, especially in non-carpeted floors.

To make things easier, Land of Rugs  put together a comprehensive infographic that covers all these areas. This can be found below, and is great for anyone with carpets, tiles, laminate, or hardwood flooring looking for a rug!

CHOOSING A RUG TO MATCH YOUR FLOOR TYPE - matching rugs with floors

If you are looking to update your home this Spring, Land of Rugs have kindly supplied a 10% voucher code for you to use. Just pop in the code blogger01 at the checkout when you have chosen your rugs.

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