6 Fantastic Tidy Tips For The Family Home

Maintaining a neat and orderly home is tough at the best of times. Children mean efforts are doubled because wherever you turn, there’s a toy, crumbs, or mystery stain.

But fear not — here are six fantastic tidy tips for the family home.

1. Efficient Storage

Children can accumulate a lot of possessions over the years, so it’s easy for things to become cluttered.

To combat this, update your storage equipment — look for space-efficient pieces that maximise storage and minimise mess. You can also involve your child in the choice of new storage furniture, because if they’ve had a say, they’re more likely to make use of it.

6 Fantastic Tidy Tips For The Family Home

For inspiration, take a trip to a child furniture store like Ikea.

2. Put-away basket

Clean as you go by putting your children’s misplaced items in a basket through the course of the day —then get them to take it up to their room once it’s full.

With all of their stuff gathered in a basket or box, transporting it back to its proper storage space is simple and the labour involved in tidying is divided between you.

3. Play area

You’re probably never going to be able to clear the clutter completely, but you can contain it.

Find a suitable area in your home where your child can do most of their playing —this should mean that most of their mess is in just one area and easier to manage.

4. Rewards

If you want your children to play a part in tidying, you have to make it worth their while.

So once they put all of their toys away after playing, reward them with a biscuit or some TV time. This will motivate them for future household tasks.

5. Make it fun

Redefine cleaning as a fun family activity by making it a musical affair — create a lively cleaning playlist on a music website, and sing-along as your tidy. With the duster as their microphone, your child will be in their element.

Music is a great way of bringing people together, and your children will soon treasure these melodic cleaning moments.  You can also check out Furniture in Fashion for some great ideas to make your home fun.

6. Clean from the start

Children like to play outside — and when they do, they get dirty.

But the last thing you want is them bringing a load of muck into the house, so protect it with a sturdy doormat where your child can wipe their feet before they enter.

A doormat promotes the concept of cleanliness to your child from the very entrance of your home and as a result of this reinforcement, you may find that they’re a little tidier when playing indoors.

If you want to enhance your house with a high-quality mat, take a look at an online mat store such as Kleen-Tex.

There are loads of ways that you can keep on top of your child’s untidy habits. But the key is creativity and collaboration —once you have a handle on these, you’ll find the burden soon subsides.

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  1. It’s important to get kids to take responsibility for cleaning up their rooms from an early age. It’s much easier when they are young than when they are tweens of teenagers.

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