3 Ways To Make An Old Kitchen Look New

For many people, the kitchen is the true heart of a home. It’s where the most fun is had, where memories are made, where lessons are learned and taught, and of course, it’s where everyone hangs out at parties. So if your kitchen is looking a little tired, maybe it deserves some love; maybe it deserves to look new again. 

3 Ways To Make An Old Kitchen Look New

Don’t worry, though; this doesn’t have to be an expensive or even time-consuming job. With just a few small changes, you’ll be amazed at how different your kitchen can seem, and many of your visitors will assume you’ve gone all out and changed the entire room. Here are some of the ways you can pull off this amazing change and make your kitchen look new.

A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Whether you’re decorating an open plan kitchen-diner or you’ve got a smaller space to think about, adding a fresh coat of paint to the room can make a massive difference. We’re not (necessarily) talking about the walls, though (although you can certainly repaint them if you desire, and it will make a difference to the room’s overall feel). We’re talking about the kitchen cabinets. 

You can now buy paint designed to be used on your kitchen cupboard doors, which is a miracle of design. If your kitchen is dark, perhaps because you have dark wood effect doors on your cabinets, you can paint them a much lighter colour, and you’ll instantly have changed everything. As soon as you walk into the room after that, you’ll see a modern, bright, airy space. Or you might want to do the opposite. Your current kitchen might be neutral tones, and you want it to be warmer and more vintage looking. In that case, you can paint the doors darker. 

New Hardware 

Although it would often be a lovely thing to be able to rip out the entire kitchen and start again, redesigning the whole space and changing absolutely everything, that isn’t always possible. It would be out of many budgets, plus it is hugely disruptive and with our modern, busy lives, having to do without a fully functional kitchen for several weeks is not something that bears thinking about. 

This is why it can be a good idea to make smaller changes as an alternative. Just like the concept above where changing the colour of the kitchen is easily done, so too is changing the style. You can switch your current hardware (cabinet handles, taps, and other fittings) to something else. If you have vintage styling right now, make it more modern, and vice versa. Of course, you don’t have to change the style; just installing new versions of the old hardware will be enough to make everything else look new. 

Add Storage 

A cluttered, untidy kitchen will always be problematic. Not only will it be difficult to use since every surface has become a storage area over the years, but it will be hard to clean too

This is why adding storage to your kitchen is a wonderful idea, and it will help your old kitchen look new again once you have done it since the surface can finally be cleared, and everything will be sparkling and fresh. 

Firstly, take a look at the cabinets you already have. If there is a stile (a vertical piece of wood) dividing them, you could start by taking this out and freeing up more space, especially for larger items that wouldn’t have fitted otherwise. Another option is to add more shelves (not necessarily in a cabinet), or call in an expert to find out how best to utilize the space you have and add more useful storage to your kitchen.

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