Roundup Telescopic Wand with Total Gel Review

After the wonderfully hot dry weather we have had this Summer then a little rain, has brought up all the weeds in my garden. Everything was looking brown and dry. When the damp rain came the weeds, grass, and plants came to life. It always seems the weeds grow faster than the rest! So I was excited (yes I do get extremely happy when it comes to my garden) to get the chance to try out the Roundup Telescopic Wand with Total Gel.

Roundup Telescopic Wand with Total Gel.

Product Description

Kills weeds that are hard to reach. Gel wand extends up to 86cm. No more bending down to treat weeds. Compatible with Total Gel, Path Gel & Tough Gel. Contains glyphosate. The unique gel formulation can be simply dispensed through the click of a trigger and ensures all of the weedkiller is applied accurately onto the target weed leaves. Ideal for flower beds, vegetable plots and lawns.


  • Gel wand extends up to 86cm
  • No more bending down to treat weeds
  • Compatible with Total Gel, Path Gel & Tough Gel
  • Contains glyphosate
  • Kills up to 1000 weeds
  • First effect seen around 5-10 days.
  • Root kill in 7-28 days depending on the type of weed and weather

Roundup Telescopic Wand with Total Gel.

How To Use

  • It’s always best to read the label on the gel so you know what you are dealing with to start.
  • Remove the cap and foil seal, then prime (for first use) by clicking the blue button around 20 times until the gel appears at the top of the applicator.
  • To connect the gel to the wand insert onto the bottom end of the wand and twist to click. (This step is only if you are replacing the gel)
  • Press the blue button and pull to extend the wand to your desired length.
  • Pull the blue trigger to use.
  • Apply to weeds on borders and paths.
  • Remember to clean the gel off after use by wiping the applicator on a weed leaf.
  • Then firmly replace the blue cap.
  • Store away from children and pets.

Roundup Telescopic Wand with Total Gel.

What I thought

Weeds are a pin for any gardener and I’m always willing to try something new to keep them under control. My late dad used to be a fan of Roundup and used it regularly on his garden paths. He would have loved the new Roundup telescopic wand because of its ability to get to the weed without bending down.

Roundup Telescopic Wand with Total Gel.

For me the best feature is it’s reach ability so no bad backs while bending. It’s quick and easy to use, plus you are not in contact with the weed killing gel. Almost right away the gel left black marks on the weed’s leaves. So it’s good to see it working.

Roundup Telescopic Wand with Total Gel.

Roundup Telescopic Wand with Total Gel.

Roundup Telescopic Wand with Total Gel.

I do like that the Roundup Telescopic Wand is interchangeable with all the different gels you can buy on the market.

It’s an item I would be happy to buy the refills again.

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rachel bustin

*I was gifted a Roundup Telescopic Wand and Total Gel in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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204 thoughts on “Roundup Telescopic Wand with Total Gel Review

  1. I wouldn’t say I’m that keen a gardener, but I do like to try and I’ve been trying to get our garden into shape. It’s quite large, so taking some time and so would love to have the help of something like this roundup telescopic wand to help control the weeds.

  2. I have been gardening for as long as I can remember, my grandad would give me £1 for digging up his weeds with a screwdriver, I used to get so cross when they took ages to grow back!

  3. yes I am and I am not enjoying the weeds along the side of my driveway which are actually growing up through the tarmac

  4. I like gardening on a sunny day when I don’t have much else to think about but that is a rare occurrence so mainly I find it a chore.

  5. I’m probably not as keen as i could be and i certainly don’t always know what I’m doing! But i do love having a try )

  6. I dont have a garden but my Dad is a keen gardener and this would really help him. Thanks for the chance to win this for him x

  7. We have a large rural garden. My husband works hard on it, but our next door neighbour allows weeds to grow & seed & seeds blow into our garden. This RoundUp gel would really help.

  8. I like a bushy, colourful garden but I’m not particularly green-fingered, I have a lot of perennials, shrubs and bulbs so I don’t have to do a great deal, I do find gardening quite therapeutic though

  9. I’m at an age where I’m starting to take an interest and learning from my dad so I can take over the family allotment

  10. I’ve just gotten to the stage where I can keep houseplants alive and well so have decided it’s time to venture outside 🙂

  11. Absolutely in love with gardening now that we have our own little garden! Just moved in last year so this summer was an adventure sprucing things up and learning how to do everything … now to keep the weeds on task!

  12. I love gardening I find it really relaxing and it’s so rewarding g when you see your garden looking pretty with flowers and being able to eat what you grow always tastes better

  13. I do like gardening to keep my garden tidy and full of colour. I use round up spray on my long driveway but this looks great and would save time and having to bend over!

  14. I love keeping my garden looking nice and adding in new plants for colour but I hate the weeds. I use round up on my long driveway in a spray bottle but this looks amazing – so useful and easy and no bending over!

  15. Just recently become a gardener as I have bought a home with a fairly mature and quite big garden – and really enjoy it, very definitely a relaxing activity (and the kids love helping out too!)

  16. I love my garden, it is my stress reliever, my greengrocer, my place for spotting wildlife, my source of flowers for the house and my daily workout.

  17. Yes, I love gardening we only have a small garden but I’ve tried to make use of every little spot cramming plants in everywhere.

  18. i love gardening but my garden is a work in progress at the moment its taking alot longer to sort out than expected when we moved in x

  19. I like a tidy garden with some shrubs and plants. We’ve just moved and only have a small back garden now. This would definitely help

  20. Not ‘keen’ but we’ve just installed big flower beds. Weeds are setting in already so i guess i’ll need to get more keen.

  21. i do not have the greenest of fingers but i enjoy gardening, i spend a lot of time weeding sometimes pulling flowers and plants out in an over zealous attempt at tidying the beds up. what i lack in skills i make up for in enthusiasm

  22. To be completely honest, I’m not much of a gardener. I suck at keeping anything alive! I have a small courtyard garden where I suffer so badly with weeds (it seems to be the only plants I CAN’T kill!!)

  23. I am a keen gardener and I have grown enough fruit and vegetables this summer for us to be self-sufficient!

  24. I’m not, but my boyfriend is and I’d love to win this for him. He loves using new gadgets to do the garden 🙂

  25. Sort of. I’m all keen and enthusiastic in the spring and early summer then get grumpy when there’s too much to do and it’s cold outside in the autumn!

  26. Yes i enjoy gardening. Helps keep the stress levels down. Great exercise. Nice to see a lovely garden as a result of all my hard work. Best bit relaxing outdoors on a sunny day enjoying the garden.

  27. I am so bad – I have convinced myself that I don’t have green fingers, unlike my Mum or husband, so I leave all the gardening to him! I do fantasise about creating a ‘scented garden’ some day though, which would definitely be a personal project!

  28. To be fair – No….my partner is the gardener in our home…I marvel everyday how I manage to even keep the kids alive!!


  30. absolutely love to garden my parents and grandparents taught me , We are at present inundated with lots of gorgeous tomatoes

  31. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our garden, it’s getting better each year so we must be doing something right.

  32. Not as much this year as normal as weve had another baby taking up all our time, but next year i plan to get back into it like i used to be

  33. I’ve only managed to grow anything in a greenhouse, it doesn’t seem to matter what I do to help but the greenhouse seems to be the one doing the work

  34. I am hopeless at gardening as I don’t have green fingers. I do okay with vegetables but when it comes to plants I leave it up to my hubby.

  35. No, probably due to lacking a garden. Have at times lived in flat with garden :- Garden owned by landlord / landlady, and maintained by then or their employed gardener / gardening team. So have enjoyed various gardens over the years.

    Present landlord gave permission for a group of tenants to maintain small garden areas at the flats. Keen gardening neighbours / tenants are enjoying maintaining it, and we are all enjoying seeing it, as much improvement has been made.

    If won prize, it would be gifted / donated to be used by our keen/ eager/ excellent gardening neighbours.

  36. I’ve spent the last few years trying to get my garden shipshape… Roundup Gel is such a fuss free way of keeping my garden weed free! And anything that saves my back when doing garden chores is a bonus.

  37. I love my garden, but have to admit I’m not overly keen on spending the time required to keep it in great shape…I like shortcuts that help 😉

  38. I used to love gardening but a bad back prevents me doing anything that involves bending so now I help with the planning of our fruit and veggie plot while hubby does the work. I then cook, bake, freeze the harvest of all his labours. We both then get to eat it! Team work 🙂

  39. Yes, I am. I don’t have a great deal of knowlege as I’ve only had a garden for the past four years, but I love working in the garden.

  40. I’m not much of a gardener, can’t even keep a fake flower alive lol!! My mum, however, loves her garden, and I want this to give to her as a little pressie for no occassion, just cos she’s my mum!!

  41. I’m not a keen gardener but we are trying to clear up the garden at the moment and our attempt at killing the weeds has failed.

  42. I love gardening, weedings not one of my favourite parts though to be honest, I prefer planting and growingm uts theraputic

  43. Not at the moment but we’re moving into our new home soon with our own garden finally for the first time so this would come in handy

  44. Oh yes, i do enjoy gardening, I like to have it neat and tidy! i mow the grass and weed, I also pot some flowers and this year I have planted some shrubs.
    My grass has hardly needed cut this summer as it hasn’t grown much with all the dry weather 🙁

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