Preparing Your Greenhouse for a Project Filled Spring

Winter can be a frustrating season for many passionate gardeners, especially when it prevents you from spending any time in your garden altogether. From the moment the cold weather sets in, we’re dreaming of those warmer days when we can grab our gardening gloves and get to work on the projects that have been planned for the last few weeks. When it comes to the greenhouse, it’s a little bit like the office. You get back in after the winter break and it’s a little unorganised, messy and all over the place. With this in mind, now is the perfect time to get into the greenhouse and do a little spring clean before the spring arrives, as this way you’ll be able to put all of your time and energy into your new projects and not have to worry about sorting through the rubbish left from last season.

Preparing Your Greenhouse for a Project Filled Spring

Temperature Control

First things first, it’s no secret that in the winter a greenhouse can be a very cold place. Without that glorious sunshine streaming in a heating the area like a sauna, you won’t be able to feel your fingers after 10 minutes of work in there! Make sure you remember to take a portable heater into the greenhouse with you, as this won’t only keep you warm, but it will help you to get work done much more efficiently. You should then assess how you’ll control the temperature of your greenhouse once you get to work on your projects. More often than not, you’re best of visiting a garden centre or online supplier to find out which heaters and fans are best for the type of greenhouse projects you’ll be carrying out. Retailers such as Two Wests have a fantastic supply of heaters and fans, as well as a range of other essential products for your greenhouse. Once you know how to control the temperature in your greenhouse, you’re good to go.

Organisational Skills

Your greenhouse should be a place that you can go to and properly focus on your projects. You need to know where everything is and most importantly, what everything is. This may go without saying, but it’s amazing how many people invest in expensive equipment, a number of different seeds and tools that they have no idea how to use or even what they are. By keeping yourself organised and knowing where things go, you’ll be able to carry out your projects properly and work in a stress-free environment. Get yourself an electronic garden labeller, as these are life savers when it comes to labelling seeds, plant pots and even tools. You should also look at investing in a set of drawers or some shelving so that you can keep specific items stored away in a drawer or in a box to keep things out of the way and safe. This will also help you to keep your tools and equipment in good condition.

Stocking Up

After weeks of planning your upcoming projects and adding them to your greenhouse calendar, its finally time to head out and stock up on all of the essential items you’re going to need to help make the projects a success. From soil and seeds, to specific gardening equipment, now is the time to get everything you need and stock up the greenhouse ready for the spring to arrive. The great thing about getting these items in early is that if you happen to order online and have delivery delays, or your local garden centre is out of stock, you have plenty of time to wait for the items to be re-delivered or re-stocked! If you have a garden shed you can store some of these stocked items as well.

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  1. I love the idea of an electronic garden labeller, I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve ended up with things growing and not having a clue what they are as the label has fallen off.

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