Jobs In The Garden For January

We are now right in the middle of January, and of course in another lockdown. So when the days are crisp and clear with little rain, there is ample opportunity to get outside in the garden for some fresh air and make a start on a few jobs in the garden for January.

Jobs In The Garden For January

Cleaning and Tidying

A good place to start would be to give the garden a general tidy. Tidy around the shed or garden office, but be careful if you have fiber optic mapping cables to the garden office, you don’t want to damage them!

The next jobs on the list are cleaning out old plant pots, the greenhouse, water butts and your gardening tools. When Spring arrives you will be already to get planting! The patio can be brushed and jet washed, and borders can be weeded,


Giving the Wisteria a prune by cutting back the summer side shoots to 2 or 3 buds, will help it to grow stronger in the Spring. Roses are dormant in January so a great time to remove any dead branches and prune right back to just above the buds. Just a thought don’t forget to wear your overalls like these from Thread & Supply to protect yourself from thorns! Deadheading your winter pansies and cutting down the old stems of perennial plants are the main pruning jobs in January.

Vegetable Garden

Harvesting those beautiful winter leeks and parsnips for a hearty stew is one job to be getting on with. If you happen to be growing potatoes in sacks in the greenhouse you might want to cover them up on those cold frosty nights. If you have been growing any brassicas over the winter, don’t forget to remove the yellow dying leaves. If you are planning on growing peas, you can prepare the ground by covering it with a cloche to start warming it up.

Fruit Garden

There are certain fruits that can be pruned now, such as apple and pear trees. But leave cherries and plum trees until the Summer to prevent silver leaf infections. You can start giving the blackcurrant and gooseberry bushes a prune to help them build a strong frame for growing fruit later on.


If the weather is too bad to get in the garden for a few days there are plenty of small jobs you can do inside.

  • Landscaping – Plan your garden if it needs an overhaul. The best final grade landscaping can be carried out to make the most of your garden space.
  • Plan your vegetable plots – Have a read up on crop rotation and using other plants to reduce pest infestation.
  • Order fruit trees and your seeds.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have found these tips useful.

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