Siemens Smart Coffee Machines with Home Connect – How Does It Work?

The Siemens Smart Coffee Machine is a revolution you may not have even known you needed. There are some fantastic benefits to being able to use your coffee machine in conjunction with an app, and while it may seem like overkill before you use it, you will quickly wonder how you ever coped without a smart Siemens coffee machine with Home Connect.

Siemens Smart Coffee Machines with Home Connect - How Does It Work

In this guide, we’re exploring how the software works, and what the practical benefits are for the everyday coffee lover.

Siemens coffee machines are just one example of smart appliances. In fact, the Siemens brand has been really proactive when it comes to twinning their appliances with apps to increase functionality. Whether you need a smart fridge or a smart coffee machine, this brand has you covered. You can check when you need to order milk, and even place your grocery order from your phone.

The Home Connect app is not unique to Siemens, and you can find models of dishwasher and washing machine that are compatible, too. 

How Does it Work?

In terms of the user interface, the app is incredibly simple to use. You can download the app and link it to your appliances using Bluetooth, before being able to access a variety of different controls for the machine and use your app as a remote control.

The Home Connect app is available on a wide range of devices so whether you want to control your coffee from an Android tablet or an iPhone, you can.

You can also connect the machine as part of an IFTTT network. This allows you to make rule-based parameters and even reward yourself with coffee. For instance, you can set up a rule that says once you’ve done a certain amount of work, you are rewarded with a coffee. The machine will start making it automatically when you hit the parameter.

Benefits of Siemens Coffee Machine with Home Connect

The main thing you may think of when you consider the fact that the coffee machine can link to an app is the remote control aspect. This is certainly very helpful. You can set your coffee machine to start making a drink even if you are not in the room. You can hit snooze on your alarm and get the coffee brewing.

There are some other great benefits of having the app on your phone or device:

  • Coffee Playlist. This is a feature that allows you to take orders with different varieties of coffee and recipes, and then you can set the coffee machine to brew those specific drinks. This is a great way to enjoy your Siemens coffee machines with your friends and try new and exciting drinks via the Home Connect app.
  • Voice control. Yes, you really can control your coffee machine using your voice. If you have a device like an Amazon Echo, you can connect your app, and when you tell it you would like a latte, the Siemens coffee machine gets to work.
  • Coffee World. This feature helps you to discover new and exciting varieties of coffee from the app, and brew coffee in new ways that you may not have otherwise considered. You can fill your room with beautiful aromas and try something new.
  • Auto cleaning. The ​​autoMilk Clean function allows you to clean the system completely without having to worry about doing any of the work manually. Just set it to automatically clean from your app.
  • Check levels of ingredients. The coffee machine can send you alerts when it is running out of beans or needs a milk top-up, so you can stay on top of the ingredients and make sure your machine doesn’t run out midway through brewing a coffee.

Barista-Style Drinks With Zero Knowledge

One of the best things about your Siemens smart coffee maker is the fact that you can prepare barista-style drinks including latte, ristretto and flat white, without having to know any of the techniques yourself. The machines that use Home Connect are usually “bean to cup” machines, so they take on the whole process from grinding to brewing and even cleaning. You just tell the app what you want, and the coffee machine starts brewing.


A lot of people who love tech gadgets like coffee machines are also keen to kit out their kitchen with the latest in smart technology. You can use your coffee machine from the comfort of your bedroom, and set it up brewing without even being in the house. This can be a great way to impress your guests, but it is also just a lot more convenient than having to be present for the whole process. Going into the kitchen to pick up your ready-made drink is both fun and functional. You can even install one of these machines in your office for all of the workers to enjoy.

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