Fairfields Farm Heat & Eat™ Crisps Review

As a family we love our crisps. Any crisps will do. From proper potato ones to the maize snacks. To be honest there isn’t really a flavour I’m not keen on. When we got asked to try out the new Fairfields Farm Heat & Eat™ crisps I was a little intrigued. Can you really heat up potato crisps? I know you can with the likes of Doritos tortilla style snacks but proper potato crisps?

Fairfield Farm Heat & Eat™ crisps - handcooked potato crisps

This was a new one on me and one I was gladly to try out. Before we get onto what we thought of the Fairfield Farm crisps I want to share with you a little about them.

Fairfields Farm

  • There families have been farming in East Anglia for three generations. 
  • They harvest potatoes, maize and rye on beautiful farmland across the Colne Valley just north of Colchester in Essex. On their farm they cold store, wash, grade and bag twelve different potato varieties which are then supplied to wholesalers and retailers across the UK. They also grow their very own special varieties of crisping potatoes which are hand cooked on the farm to the highest possible standards which is why they are BRC (Grade A) accredited.
  • They started making crisps in 2006 that led onto the production of vegetable crisps in 2013 and most recently Lentil Bites in 2016.
  • Their business is entirely energy-efficient, which they believe makes them the UK’s only hand-cooked crisp company powered solely by renewable energy.

Facts on the Heat & Eat™Crisps

  • Launched to the market mid September 2017
  • The first ever microwavable bag of crisps with a dip
  • Available in two flavours -Sea Salted with Tomato Salsa Dip and Cheese & Chive with Caramelised Onion Dip. Each bag contains 125g of hand-cooked crisps and a 50g dip.
  • Unzip the bag, remove the dip, microwave for 30 seconds, then dip and eat
  • Freshly cooked taste
  • Designed uniquely to be microwaveable whilst retaining their crunch
  • Hand cooked on the farm using renewable energy
  • Gluten free
  • For a hot tasty treat
  • Perfect for sharing with family, friends or as a tasty snack for the kids on movie night,

Heat & Eat™ is set to revolutionise snacking and entertaining forever.

  • Fairfields Farm has also linked up with Shazam so customers can engage with and easily find out where they can buy this unique snack.

What We Thought

If you are looking for a movie snack, after school snack or even as part of your lunch, these potato crisps are excellent for a warm tasty snack. The potatoes used for the crisps are of high quality and so scrummy. If my husband wasn’t around I could have honestly eaten the whole pack, but then I am pregnant!

Heat & Eat crisps

I love the simple idea of unzipping the bag, place in the microwave for 30 seconds and away you go. The bag turns into a bowl itself so no need to find an extra bowl to wash up after! The dip gives it that extra zing.

The bag keeps the crisps warm for a while as well and also they stay crunchy. There is nothing worse than a soggy crisp!

Heat & Eat crisps

Heat & Eat™ crisps come in two flavours – Sea Salted with a Tomato Salsa Dip and Cheese & Chive with Caramelised Onion Dip. We loved the Sea Salted flavoured crisps the best! Plus being gluten-free they are great for all diets!

Before I microwaved the bag, I thought I would try the crisps cold first and they are just as good cold.

Where To Find

  • Heat & Eat™ crisps are available in a wide selection of Tesco Stores across the UK to find your nearest stockist go to http://fairfieldsfarmcrisps.co.uk/
  • They are also available from selected East Of England Coop Stores

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Fairfields Farm Heat & Eat Crisps Review


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  1. wow! looks a treat. as I am in East Anglia they must be in our local Co-op ! just fetching the car keys!

  2. Thanks for the review, after reading I’ve added some to my online grocery order for Friday, looking forward to trying them 🙂

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