Spring Look Must-Haves

Spring has sprung! While winter fashion can often be dark and grungy, the warm weather allows us to bloom in our fashion and style. Everyone might have their own style, but when it comes to trends, there are a few must-have styles for each season. Whether you’re on the market for soft pastels or bold statement pieces, we’ve listed all your major spring look wardrobe necessities.

Spring look must haves

Neon, Neon and More Neon

If you follow fashion regularly, it’s clear to see what the hottest trend of the spring is, but if you don’t, we don’t mind telling you! The one trend that has taken over the entire fashion industry is neon! If your clothes aren’t reflecting against the sun, then what are you doing? You’ll see fashionistas in their pink and orange neon outfits, but they stand no match against the queen supreme, green neon. You can easily pair this with another popular spring must have – animal print.

Bold Statement Necklaces

Spring is the time where you see florals popping up all over the place. Spring is also a popular time for baby showers, bridal showers, weddings, and more! When you’re planning your outfit, a bold statement necklace will definitely do your outfit justice, and it can work both ways. You can either have a simple necklace with a bold color or have a bold necklace with seasonal colors. Perfect for your spring-time wardrobe, the Kundan necklace from Red Dot Jewels is a showstopping piece without being over the top. With options for moonstone, turquoise, and pink, any color variation is perfect for brightening up a spring look.


Why not show a little skin? The fashion week designers have spoken and another trend you need to try out this spring is crochet! You might think that you can only work this style into your wardrobe as a top, but it can make an appearance into your closet as so many different items. With the weather heating up, you can pair a lightweight crochet top with a camisole or bralette underneath. You could even rock a crochet pair of pants. While this trend is definitely for the bold, if you’re feeling a bit demure, turn them into a swimsuit coverup!

boho crochet swimsuit

Animal Print

Hot, hot, hot! If there’s one hot trend that’s right behind neon this spring, it’s animal print. Animal print is something that’s been cycling itself in and out of fashion over the years, and we can definitely tell you that it’s back with a vengeance. Cheetah and leopard print are always classic staples, but they’re not even at the forefront of this spring trend. Ssss! Snakeskin print has taken over! You’ll easily find this trend in skirts, belts, and shoes. If you’re really looking to turn heads, pair neon green with snakeskin. You’re look will be too hot to touch!

Block Heels

Who has time to always break their ankles during a girls’ night out or during an event? This spring, we’re retiring the stilettos and replacing them with a pair of block heels. If you like your heels to put you closer to the sky, a pair of 4-inch block heels will not only complete a fabulous outfit, but it’ll also give you the support to wear them all day or all night long!

Spring fashion is always fun and it’s an opportunity to revamp your wardrobe after a cold and gloomy winter. If you’re ready to freshen up your wardrobe, these five spring look must-haves should definitely be on your list for a bright and fashionable spring.

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