Moissanite Ring Breakdown for Beginners

Many people say that diamonds are forever since they associate them with high value. Naturally, a diamond ring would make anybody’s heart skip a beat. However, there are only a few individuals who know anything about the gruesome story that surrounds the Moissanite diamond. These 120-year-old stones have quite a fascinating history and they are very similar to diamonds in their durability and brilliance. 

Moissanite Ring Breakdown for Beginners

Why Are Moissanite Rings Better?

If you are in the market for a ring for your significant other, consider a Moissanite ring. They are absolutely stunning and have more class and luxury than a regular diamond. The Moissanite stone will go perfectly with a high-quality band such as gold, titanium, and platinum. They are unbelievably reflective, which means they will give off a fantastic, brilliant color when put in the way of light. They are a great eye-catching piece of jewelry. 

If you want it to look like a regular diamond, consider a round Moissanite diamond ring. They can easily take the shape and dimension of a regular diamond at any weight. A 7.55mm round Moissanite ring will equal a 1.50 carat round diamond. Additionally, an 8mm round Moissanite will produce more brilliance than a 2-carat diamond.

Why Choose Moissanite?

Fun Fact: Moissanite is linked to outer space. The founder of the stone found particles of the stone in Arizona. It was contained within a crater formed from a meteorite. So when you wear a Moissanite ring, you’re wearing a stone from the stars. Additionally, it has more upsides than diamonds do. Firstly, you won’t be buying a stone associated with bloodshed and unethical mining processes. 

Third world countries do not have the proper resources for mining diamonds. They force people to mine the diamonds for low wages. These are what we call “blood diamonds”. They have been the leading position for most armed insurgencies ni many different countries, especially Africa. Some of the most brutal wars in Africa are funded by these diamonds. Not to mention, diamonds that were produced without conflict are more expensive. This is why the Moissanite stone is a much better alternative. It doesn’t cost as much and it sparkles much more than a regular diamond. 

Purchasing A Moisannite Ring on a Budget

There’s no reason to shop around for a large Moissanite ring if you’re on a tight budget as the smaller ones are a great choice as well. All you need to do is pair it with the right setting and metal. Pair these right and you will have a beautiful, charming Moissanite ring. You don’t have to spend your entire life savings on a huge wedding or engagement ring. You can have the same durability and quality that a diamond ring gives, plus more. 

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  1. Ive seen the film Blood Diamond which is obviously true to life. I would much rather go for this option for a ring and these are gorgeous.

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