Engagement Ring Styles for Dainty Hands

Finding the perfect engagement ring can sometimes feel like a struggle for all. Perhaps you have a specific design you love and of course budget always come into account. One issue that might not emerge straight away is finding that perfect piece to suit your hand size, particularly those with very small and petite hands.

Engagement Ring Styles for Dainty Hands

When you start trying some engagement rings on, you might come to see that some styles might not compliment your hand as well as you had hoped. Having said that, there are a fair few styles of engagement rings that will look fantastic on your dainty hands. Let us explore those engagement rings now. You can also definitely check out many jewelry shops online like this online jewellery singapore site.

Solitaire Rings

This traditional style of ring is a fabulous go-to for any size hand. The classic style of a solitaire ring is a classic for a reason – it is elegant, simple, and yet stunning. The solitaire ring features one feature gemstone (this is typically a diamond). A diamond solitaire ring is eye-catching whilst also being perfect for everyday wear.

If your hands are on the more dainty-side then try to steer yourself away from a large, high carat content diamond. Although this type of diamond solitaire engagement ring can certainly be impressive, it can also dwarf your wedding finger.

Not only will a smaller stone look sophisticated but it will also save you money – which is always a bonus!

Toi et Moi Rings

A toi et moi ring, also called a twist ring, is another stunning engagement ring choice for those with smaller hands. This style of ring is becoming more and more popular in recent years. They can be dainty, but also stunning.

Three-Stone Rings

If you are keen on a high carat content, but are concerned that choosing an overly large (almost overbearing) style for your dainty hand, then perhaps a three-stone ring is the perfect solution for you.

This beautiful ring style features three stones that flow horizontally across the shank, all of which creates a dazzling sparkle. You may also find with this style that if you opt for antique or vintage engagement rings you may get more diamonds for your dollar.

Gemstone Rings

When people think of engagement rings, often they jump straight to – diamond engagement ring, but actually the ‘traditional’ diamond engagement ring is quite a new phenomenon. Before the mid-20th century other gemstones were the main feature. There has certainly been a revival in recent years; sapphires in particular have become a popular gemstone included in an engagement ring.

For people with dainty hands coloured gemstones are a great statement element to an engagement ring, especially if you are the type of person who wants to make a statement. Coloured gemstones don’t have to be large to grab attention, and you can even pair them with accent stones to really add sparkle.

Cluster Rings 

Sometimes it might seem that cluster rings aren’t a good choice for people with petite hands. However, I’m here to tell you that that isn’t the case. Cluster engagement rings can perfectly compliment small hands.

As with solitaire rings, we would usually suggest choosing a gemstone that isn’t overly-large. In fact, your dainty hands will actually help create the illusion that you have a much high gemstone content in your engagement ring without having to pay the price for it!

So, there we have it, there are actually many options for those who have dainty hands. Having said that, don’t let your petite hands dictate your engagement ring choice entirely. If you have a very specific engagement ring in mind and it is on the large side, then you should go with your gut. No style is totally off limits, even if you do have small hands!

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