The Autumn Winter 2020/21 Jewellery Trends You Need To Know About

*Autumn Winter 2020/21 Jewellery Trends is a collaborative post with Nakturnal.

I’m loving these seasonal trend posts I’ve been putting together the past few years on the blog. This past week you might have caught my post on home decor trends for this forthcoming season. For today though, I’m sharing with you a few of the Autumn Winter 2020/21 jewellery trends to get you on style now the weather is changing.

The Autumn Winter 2020/21 Jewellery Trends You Need To Know About - large earrings

With the colder weather, dressing up with more layers is a must to keep warm, and to bling up your outfits you need statement jewellery like a chain necklace. In fact, on the runway, the models were showing off thick tubular gold necklaces, earrings and rings showing that bold and chunky jewellery is on point.

You know when you hunt in your elderly aunt’s or gran’s jewellery box and you come across large antique costume brooches and earrings? Well, ask to borrow them as large costume gems as in. The pretty earring rhinestone gems, in all shapes and sizes, will be the star of your outfit. You may remember my post earlier in the year on Spring/Summer jewellery trends where I discussed colourful jewellery that gave a fun look for this year, you could mix and match the jewellery for your own unique look.

costume jewellery - colourful brooches

You might notice there is a lot of jewellery with stars on around. It’s one of Autumn Winter 2020/21 top jewellery trends for this coming season. I particularly like this delicate star necklace, which would go with any outfit.

The traditional pearl is staying for the Autumn Winter season. A sweet pair of pearl stud earrings would not look out of place in your everyday outfit. If you have lost an earring, don’t worry as mismatched earrings are totally in. I often find myself wearing mismatched ones!

Charms will be big this coming season, you might have your charm heavy bracelet tucked away, now is the time to get it back out. Show off your adorable charms! I’ve even seen drop necklaces with charms attached!

The Autumn Winter 2020/21 Jewellery Trends You Need To Know About - large earrings

Cornish Sea Treasures, handmade by Holly over on Instagram are perfect for this coming season. Gorgeous charms teamed with sea glass will be envied by all.

Do you remember the extra long necklaces from the 2010’s worn over knit jumpers? Well ultra long necklaces are back in worn over dresses, shirts and chunky knits.

Recap – Autumn Winter 2020/21 Jewellery Trends

  • Thick chunky tubular jewellery
  • Costume jewellery
  • Star necklaces and pendants
  • Mismatched earrings
  • Pearls
  • Charms
  • Ultra-long necklaces

What are your favourite jewellery accessories to wear? Are you a fan of bold statement jewellery?

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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