An Aura of Confidence: 10 Ways to Discover Your Own Unique Personal Style

New Year, new you? Although this is the sentiment that many want to share, the truth is that you still woke up on the 1st day of the New Year being the same person you were the day before.

And the things that are going to help you to make those positive changes you’ve wanted to make for yourself are going to take more than just a change of calendar. It’s going to take some self-development and self-work.

But wait, before you panic, it does not have to be difficult, you just need to identify your goals and take the correct steps towards them. Maybe your goal for the New Year is to have more self-confidence, maybe it is just to develop that inner sense of style that comes from being calm and knowing exactly who you are and what you want.

An Aura of Confidence: 10 Ways to Discover Your Own Unique Personal Style

What is Style?

Simply put, style is about simplicity and knowing who you are. How do you present yourself to the world? Remember, style is about more than just the image you exhibit, it is about the aura you present when you walk into a room. Style is about more than fashion, it is the way you carry yourself.

So, how to create your own personal sense of style? You can begin by trying different parts of your interests, lifestyle and personality. As you begin to know yourself better, you may find that your own personal trademark style will begin to be uncovered.

Now that the most important point is covered (being yourself, knowing yourself and actually liking yourself), read on for some more tips on how to develop that aura of confidence and create your own personal style.

1.  Understand the Difference Between Style and Fashion

This is a key element, and should not be overlooked. Let me ask you this, what is fashion? Fashion is a popular collection of clothes that portray a certain image. Fashion is an image of the way society wants to look. This popularity, however, is not always a true messenger for things that are stylish. If you want to create your own style, do not become a slave to fashion. If there are fashionable items that you like, by all means wear them- but never use or wear items just because they are in fashion. Understanding and applying this is a step towards creating your own style. In contrast to fashion, style is something that becomes more of a simple expression of who you are. Learn More about this difference and you can develop your style in no time at all.

2.  Get Inspired

Do you have anyone that you admire for their style? You can use these as inspiration. Whether is someone famous or not, inspiration can come from seeing another person cross the street, walk into a room or pose on the cover of the latest Men’s Health Magazine. Whatever your inspiration, make sure that it stays as inspiration and you do not attempt to mimic the style. Personal style needs to be something that comes from within, it is an authentic expression of your own individuality- where you do not need to prove anything to anyone because you are so rooted in your own knowledge of who you are. You can use social media tools like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook to help you find some style inspiration.

3.  Weed Through your Wardrobe

Once you have made the decision to update your style, it is time to go through your wardrobe and discard anything that, crazy as it sounds, just don’t feel right. And yes, this is done on a feeling basis. Put on the items in your wardrobe and pay close attention to the way that those particular items make you feel. Be present with yourself and be aware of how confident you feel in certain items.

Every time you put on a piece of clothing, you want that item to be you, and to feel right.

4.  Dress Age Appropriate

While you may want to be forever young, dressing in the wrong age group will often make you look even older. Style is about knowing who you are and accepting who you are, while still being prepared to make the changes necessary for self-improvement.

That being said, your style should be a mirror for the stage of life that you are in. Let your style and dress sense match where you are in life- the most stylish people are so stylish simply because they reflect exactly where they are in life.

5.  Begin with a Few Simple Basics

If you want to develop a sense of styles, then there are a few things you should have. There are a few essential basics that every man should keep in his wardrobe. These basics are not necessarily things to be worn everyday but they should be in the closet, just in case. These essentials include; a pair of well-fitted blue jeans, a tailored shirt that fits just right and a jacket that can be worn to almost any occasion. The trick is to acquire these items in simple colors that can be easily worn and matched with most other things. This can help you to discover what type of things or items you like and what items express your sense of style.

6.  Be Decisive about what you Like

Now that you have sorted through your wardrobe, you should be left with items that you know that you like. Take a moment to glance over at the items you saved- this will help you to identify your style and type of clothes that you like. If you like, you can even write down why you like those particular clothes, colors, textures and patterns. In this way, you can identify more aspects of your style and this can help you in the future when acquiring new items.

7.  Choose Items that Looks Good on your Body

How do you know when something looks good? Well, simply stand in front of the mirror and assess how you feel. When something looks good on you, you will feel a sense of positivity and you will radiate that confidence. All the most stylish people are always comfortable in what they wear, being comfortable in your clothes will help you to exude the aura of confidence that you are looking for.

8.  Find a Signature Item

Once you have sorted through your wardrobe and identified the type of clothes that give you confidence and a positive feeling, you are ready for the next step; having a signature piece. It doesn’t have to be just one piece, you can have two or three signature pieces that will help to crystallize your personal style, and help you to stand out from the crowd. These signature pieces can vary; it can be a particular watch, a perfectly tailored blazer, a jacket, fitted jeans or even a scarf- it doesn’t matter just as long as you feel comfortable in it and it is not an item that says “slave to fashion”.

Once you begin to regularly use these signature pieces in your day to day life, it will become a key element of your personal style and you will begin to develop a strong sense of style.

9.  Be Patient with yourself

If you are reading this because you want to increase your self-esteem and self-confidence, then it is important that you stay patient with yourself. Self-confidence and self-esteem do not just appear overnight, they need to be cultivated and tended to.

While you begin to find your style you may get frustrated along the way. Always remember to stay patient with yourself while you go through this process- being a gentleman towards yourself will go along in helping you to be kinder and more patient with others. And yes, these characteristics are an important part of developing a personal sense of style and exuding that aura of confidence.

10. Don’t be Afraid of Change

While you don’t necessarily have to throw out or donate your entire wardrobe, you definitely need to be prepared to let go of the old in order to welcome in the new.

This is especially true if you are a little bit cash strapped- replacing your entire wardrobe all in one go can be expensive. Instead, you can slowly begin by removing the items that you do not feel good in- this is one of the most important things you can do when you are creating your personal style and looking to boost your confidence. Then, you can slowly start adding in a couple of pieces at a time. These pieces should be carefully selected examples of your style.

Take your time in selecting your new wardrobe items and don’t be afraid to take a few risks. Keep a few classics in your wardrobe in simple colors that you can start mixing and matching with.

And always remember that if you do not feel comfortable in a certain item, then do not wear it. Comfort, simplicity and confidence are three major keys when it comes to creating your style.

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  1. Fantastic blog post. Never thought about style in this way. I often go for the same outfits when I’m not at work, definitely need to try more styles and add more colour to my wardrobe x

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