Saturday Catch Up – Are you ready for Winter?

Did you know that today – 29th September is the date most of us Brits get ready for Winter? This weekend millions of Brits will be getting their winter wardrobes out, packing up their gardens and getting the first roast of the season in the oven apparently! We have had such gorgeous weather this past week down in Cornwall the flip-flops and shorts have been out!

Here is a little about our week….

We got the chickens back from mums on Monday after their holiday there while we went away. It was great to get them back. The garden felt eerily empty without them.

On Tuesday we popped on the train and went down to St Ives. It was rammed with people – of the older generation, I may add!!! Some lovely bloke gave up his seat on the train for me but my husband had to stand! We stopped off for fish and chips, well lets just say for half the price we had much better ones out of a chippy van in Wales last week!! Who puts carrot crisps on a plate of fish and chips???

A plate of fish and chips

The weather was amazing, I can see why they are calling it an Indian Summer. Now if you go back to last week while we were at Bluestone in Wales (review to come next week!) the weather was wet and windy. It was ideal to come home to such amazing sunshine considering we live 10 minutes from the beach.

St Ives Harbour - Cornwall - are you ready for Winter?

On Wednesday we went to finalise and sign our wills at the solicitors. Since Dad passed away in April life it has made me think a lot about life and death and what would happen to our girls if anything happened to myself and Mr B. Now that’s all sorted it can be forgot about.

Thursday was Mr B’s first day back at work for 2 weeks, so we just had a lazy day at home in the morning and after lunch popped to our local Tesco to pick up some canvases for a review – you will see them soon!

Yesterday was our Toddler Sense class in the village hall across the road. We always have a play on the swings first at the park attached. The theme this week was Teletubbies, so a huge hit with baby girl.

toddler on the swings

So what are you up to this weekend?

Are you getting ready for winter?

Here are the facts of what Brits will be up to this weekend:

1. Get my jumpers out 59%

2. Packing the garden away 56%

3. Put the fire on 37%

4. Having a hot chocolate 29%

5. Having a hot bath with bubbles 24%

6. Polishing my winter boots 17%

7. Wearing tights for the first time 15%

8. Cooking my first roast 13%

9. Changing to an autumn make up palette 9%

10. Having a pumpkin spice latte 8%


I think I will be having a hot chocolate, and we packed the garden away before we went on holiday last week!

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have enjoyed my little Saturday catch up!


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