Eco-Friendly Suggestions For Your Family Home

It’s no secret that the world is in a mess thanks to the less than eco-friendly behaviors of the people and businesses that make up our towns and cities. 

People casually throw away their litter onto the streets. E-commerce businesses send us products overloaded with plastic and cardboard waste. And large industrial firms pump put masses of toxic smoke into the environments we are living in. 

Something needs to be done, and while we can point the finger at others, we should also point the finger back at ourselves. What can we do to make a difference from our little corners of the world? Thankfully, there is much we can do, and these include the following. 

Eco-Friendly Suggestions For Your Family Home
Eco-Friendly Suggestions For Your Family Home

#1: Create household rules

As a parent, you can set a number of rules to ensure each member of your family lives in an eco-friendly way. As examples, you might include the following.

– Turn off the lights when you leave a room.

– Unplug your gadgets when they are fully charged.

– Turn off the water when brushing your teeth.

– Put recyclable products in the right containers.

And there are probably other rules you can think of too. Create a short list for your family to follow, and be sure to role model these good behaviours yourself as the other members of your household will then be more likely to stick to them.

#2: Monitor how much energy your home uses

You can do this with a smart meter, so contact your utility company if you haven’t had one installed already. And ask them for an energy audit too, as many companies offer this service to help their customers save energy at home. If your utility company doesn’t provide this service, contact those consultancy firms in your area that will do this on your behalf. Encope, an energy consultant in Manchester is but one example, but check out the firms working in your locale that can offer you advice on your carbon footprint.

When you have discovered how much energy your home uses on a daily basis, you will then have a better idea of the changes you might need to make. It might be that you start to conform to better habits around your home, for example, and you might replace your less than eco-friendly appliances with their greener alternatives. 

#3: Think about how you shop

When buying new furniture and decor for your home, you might decide to shop locally to reduce the number of delivery drivers on the road. You might also use those stores who specialise in using sustainable materials within the items they produce. And when thinking about buying cleaning products for your home, you might take inspiration from our eco-cleaning hacks, and purchase natural items instead of those products overloaded with harmful toxic chemicals. 

Be sure to save your carrier bags too! Rather than throw them away (and add to your local landfills), reuse them for your shopping. Not only will you do your bit to save the world this way, but you will also save yourself the pennies it costs to buy extra. 

We have only touched upon a few ideas here, but there are other ways you can live an eco-friendly life at home. Commit to further research, and then enlist your family to support you in your efforts. Together, you will be able to make a difference. 

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