Binge Watching With Now TV

On maternity leave with baby girl back in 2016 I was big into binge watching TV box sets during the day. I used to sit on the sofa when my husband went back to work watching Game of Thrones, 24, Lost and Friends. Cuddling up breastfeeding a newborn is the best.

This time around with a toddler a well, I can’t do that during the day. All I’m watching is Paw Patrol and Fireman Sam! But in the evenings, well some of them, while baby dottie is cluster feeding on the boob the box sets are back.

Thanks to NOW TV who sent us their swanky new smart stick we are binge watching Grey’s Anatomy. Right from the start. I have seen some of the episodes before but watching a load in one go is awesome.

Binge watching with now tv - smart stick

Binge watching with Now TV

We have got the Entertainment pass and also the cinema pass. I love the idea of the cinema pass for us because with young children it’s not possible to get to the cinema. With this pass we have the opportunity to watch and of course pause while the kids are asleep. Plus it’s much cheaper! You have a choice of over 1,000 movies and a new premiere every day. There will be something always to watch.

On my list is Dunkirk to watch first.

Binge watching with now tv - smart stick

Then we have the Entertainment pass, oh yes! I’m an American TV series junkie! Grey’s Anatomy is my current binge. It’s like a soap opera. I have to know what’s going on with whom. I do get a tad upset when I get to the series finale, why do they always have cliffhangers?

Binge watching with now tv - smart stick

There are over 300 box sets to get through eek! Lucky I’m on maternity leave. Only thing to do now is get the toddler to bed at a decent time. Any ideas on how to do that??

Binge watching with now tv - smart stick


Thanks for stopping by today.

What are your favourite TV box sets to binge watch?

*We got the NOW TV smart stick with the entertainment and cinema passes in exchange for this post.


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