Amazon Fire TV Stick Review

We have been very lucky to try out the Amazon Fire TV Stick recently. I know my husband was eager to set it up as he has missed the old Top Gear with Jeremy Clarkson since his show moved to Amazon Prime. So that’s the first show we will be watching!

The Fire TV Stick comes in a compact orange box as shown below.

Amazon Fire TV stick Review


  • Up to 1080p
  • WiFi
  • Quad-Core
  • 1 Gb Memory
  • 8 Gb Storage

What comes with the Amazon Fire TV Stick?

  • Fire TV Stick
  • Alexa Voice Remote
  • USB Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Batteries
  • Quick Start Guide

Attachments with the Fire TV Stick

It is really simple to use.

  1. Insert the USB cable into the Fire TV Stick and attach the power adapter plug onto the end.
  2. Next insert the Fire TV Stick into the HDMI port on the side of your TV. We didn’t use the HDMI Cable this time.
  3. Place the batteries inside the remote and off you go
  4. Follow the instructions on-screen for the set up.
  5. It will ask you for your Amazon account details to connect your device. Plus if you are not an Amazon Prime member it will give you a 30 days free trial, which is what I’m on at the moment.

See it really is simple to use, even for a techno phob like me!

Inserting the Amazon Fire TV Stick into the TV

The TV shows available to you is mind-boggling, there is a large selection which I’m sure everyone will find something they like to watch. It really is a great little stick for budget streaming.

You can download your favourite apps like Just Eat, plus have access to music sites like Spotify at just the sound of your voice! Subscription fees may apply.

Have access to live TV, as well as Netflix, Amazon Video, Curzon Home Cinema, BBC iPlayer, You Tube and many more.

Amazon Fire TV Stick programme options

Recently accessed shows and apps will appear on your home screen first. Then you can scroll for further shows.


To have all your favourite apps and shows in one place is fab!

I love the Alexa remote, to use it just hold down the voice search button and say the name of the show you want to watch. Or alternatively you can use the search box on-screen and type in the name of the show using the on-screen keyboard.

It’s fairly quick and responsive. Easy to find the shows you want to see.

Playback if great, we didn’t encounter any buffering.

As I said before it’s great if you are on a budget at £39.99

Amazon Fire TV Stick Menu options


I found it strange that I couldn’t skip back to previous episodes in a series I was watching when using Alexa. You can skip forward to the next episode though. It was a little frustrating. But for the cost of the Fire TV Stick you do get a fair bit for your money.

The Grand Tour with Amazon Prime

Have you tried out the Amazon Fire TV Stick? What shows would you like to watch? As always I love to read your thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by today.

*I was sent the Amazon Fire TV Stick for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own as always. Price correct as of April 2017

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