90’s Nostalgia: Are You The Spice Girls Biggest Fan?

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I was 13 years old when The Spice Girls released their first single. I was at secondary school and being a Spice Girls groupie made me feel all grown up. Back in the day I would give anyone a run for their money in being The Spice Girls biggest fan!

90's Nostalgia: Are You The Spice Girls Biggest Fan?

Remembering those days when I went into Superdrug on a Saturday morning to find all The Spice Girls Impulse sprays. Then heading to Woolworths to buy the latest single on cassette. One of my most treasured cassettes was the 2 Become 1 single. I used to play it constantly on my white walkman.

Which Spice Girl did you want to be? Being a redhead everyone wanted me to be Ginger, but I was more of a Posh Spice. Ginger was too loud for me!

All the Spice Girls songs were catchy. They used to make us want to get up and dance! I think everyone knows their first song Wannabe. I used to think the platform boots they wore in that video were amazing. I begged my mum to get me a pair similar. In the end, she gave in and I had a black pair, but they didn’t have huge platform soles. I sneakily used to wear them for school with my flares.

A work colleague of mine went to Cardiff last week to see the Spice Girls on tour. I’m extremely jealous! They are on tour throughout June and you can catch them at various venues around the UK.

‘Walkers Spice Girls Best Ever Fan’

Check out their latest advert with Walkers. The hunt has been on for the Spice Girls biggest fan leading up to the ad premiere. All will be revealed soon!!

Are you the Spice Girls biggest fan?
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Who was your favourite Spice Girl? Which was your favourite song?

Mighty Mama Bear shares her favourite things about the ’90s over on her blog. Yes Saturday night TV was a winner for us as well!

Thanks for stopping by today on a trip down memory lane, it’s hard to believe it was over 20 years ago. I suppose we are showing our age!! But I will always be the Spice Girls biggest fan.

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5 thoughts on “90’s Nostalgia: Are You The Spice Girls Biggest Fan?

  1. My daughter was a big Spice girl fan, and I remember her wanting to dress like Sporty Spice the who time.

  2. i had all posters i have 3 scrapbooks of all spice girl magazine and newspaper articles i had a union jack dress that was a cheap version so where red was blue lol. i dyed my hair red from age of 12 to 26 because of ginger spice

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