The 40th anniversary of Grease the movie

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Grease being released in the cinemas. The classic musical film starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton John was first released in 1978. 5 years before I was born. My mum loves the film so my sisters and I were brought up on it singing and dancing around the house. Acting out scenes and having great fun.

The 40th anniversary of Grease

I love the 1950’s vibe that surrounds Grease. The bad boy meets the good girl and they fall in love during the Summer. We all know the story of Grease, Im sure many of us have seen it hundreds of times. It’s a part of growing up. The

Which Pink Lady did you want to be? or T-Bird? I adored Frenchie, but wanted to be strong, fierce Rizzo.

One of the best things about Grease was the music. I’m not embarrassed to say I had the Grease sing a long CD in my car until I changed it to a car with no CD player!

Singing along to Greased Lightnin’ driving along is he best! I’m sure I’ve had strange looks at the traffic lights!

What are the biggest songs from Grease?

  • You’re The One That I Want
  • Grease
  • Greased Lightnin’
  • Hopelessly Devoted To You
  • Summer Nights
  • Sandy
  • Beauty School Drop-Out

Across the whole country there are special 40th anniversary of Grease showings of the movie up until December. You can join up with other movie goers and singalong to one of the greatest films of all times. Dress up as your favourite character. Join up with friends and go as the pink ladies!

Clifton College is delighted to be joining in the celebrations with this special screening on the big screen at the Redgrave Theatre.


Will you be going to one of the 40th anniversary of Grease special showings?

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  1. My first every movie at the cinema – shown with the first snows of spring – still love it

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