Top Books for Encouraging Discussion

*This is a guest post from Gemma over at Mummy’s Waisted on her top books for encouraging discussion in preschoolers. 

We get through a lot of books in our house, with a five year old boy and two year old girl. There are some which have remained favourites for a long time though, through my son as a pre-schooler and now in Reception, and now onto my daughter. It seems that the books which stay popular for us are those which prompt a lot of further discussion, or attempting to copy what’s in the book!

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The Yoga Ogre

The Yoga Ogre

This is a lovely book about a large ogre who attempts many different forms of exercise in an attempt to get fit. It’s great for younger children with bold illustrations and also for beginner readers as there are many ‘noise’ words for them to try and spell out. It has a nice rhyme to the words, and it’s not difficult to read as a parent! We’ve had many conversations about the other sports that the ogre could try out, and what might be the consequences!

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We all love this book, so much so that my son dressed as the main character Monty for World Book Day! Monty is a budding scientist and experiments with creating different monsters from ingredients such as green slime and smelly socks. The experiments don’t quite go to plan but the final monster saves the day. My son has had fun drawing different types of monsters, and talking about what yucky things they could be made from.

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Oi Frog and Oi Dog

Oi Frog!

These books are often a go-to in our house, and at Grandma’s. The premise is about various animals and what things they sit on – frogs sit on logs for example. The books get progressively sillier as you go through them (lizards sit on wizards). What’s brilliant about them is the children learning about different animals plus discussing rhyming words. We’ve read them so many times that both my son and daughter can recite many of the words before we get to them!

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No-Bot (the robot with no bottom)

No-Bot (The Robot with no Bottom!)

This is another great book for having an educational conversation, without your children realising it! Bernard is the robot in the story, and he loses his bottom, and thinks that he finds it being used in lots of different situations. It’s all about friendship and looking what is lost, but we also managed to end up talking about recycling!

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Thanks Gemma for your recommendations on books for encouraging discussion.

Gemma is a mum to two children and has recently changed career from accountancy to internet marketing. She runs Waist Trainer UK and writes a blog as Mummy’s Waisted, which features healthy living and family life.

You can find her here on social media:

Twitter –   @mummys_waisted

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Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have enjoyed this guest post from Gemma.

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