Osmo Creative Starter Kit for iPad Review

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You may remember a couple of weeks back we reviewed the Osmo Genius Starter Kit, well today we are back reviewing the Osmo Creative Starter Kit. We are thoroughly enjoying exploring the world of Osmo, there is so much to explore. Unlike the Genius Starter Kit, which is about maths, words and puzzles, the Creative Starter Kit is all about your creative abilities, with lots of fun things to do, to build on your abilities.

Osmo Creative Starter Kit for iPad Review

What is the Osmo Creative Kit About?

Osmo has created fun-filled and award-winning learning games that interact with actual handheld pieces bringing the game pieces and actions to real life. Just like magic! A bonus is that once the Osmo game apps have been loaded, you don’t need WiFi for gameplay. Osmo merges tactile exploration with innovative technology, actively engaging children in the learning process.

Like the Genius Starter Kit the games in the Creative Kit are designed for beginner to expert levels from age range 5-10 years. But I’ve been finding it great fun as well! Osmo enables the continuation of learning which is fantastic for picking up where you left off. You can track game progress, using child game profiles, on the parent app.

What’s In The Osmo Creative Starter Kit?

  • Osmo Base for iPad with reflector
  • New Creative Board
  • 4 dry erase markers
  • Microfibre eraser pouch
  • 3 Game Apps: Monster, Newton, and Masterpiece
Whats in the Osmo Creative Starter Kit

The Osmo Creative Starter Kit Games


Monster is our favourite game in the kit. Mo the Monster is great fun and all kids will love him. You can draw and watch Mo bring your physical drawings to life in his animated world on screen. It’s amazing to see!

Osmo Monster Game


Newton was the hardest game for L to understand, but it will come. There are 60+ levels of creative engineering. You can guide virtual balls with real-life objects. I did A-Level physics at college and loved learning about Isaac Newton and his three laws of motion so have found this game really interesting and fun with L.

Osmo Newton Game


With this game, you can draw whatever you like, or use the ready to draw options. Masterpiece can transform any it into an easy-to-follow outline. Then, using the screen as an interactive guide, you can draw it on paper perfectly. This helps to improve skill and dexterity. When your Masterpiece is finished Osmo will create a time-lapse video of your creation. You can also change to paper when you feel confident to keep your Masterpiece.

Osmo Masterpiece game

What Will Children Learn Through the Creative Kit?

With the Monster game included, you will travel on an adventure and solve story problems with your own drawings brought to life instantly on the iPad. With Newton, your child will discover early physics and problem-solving exercises. You can bring out your child’s artistic, drawing skills, and creative side with the Masterpiece game.

  • Drawing detail
  • Drawing speed
  • Problem-solving
  • Visual thinking
Drawing with Osmo Creative Starter Kit

What We Thought

Just like the Genius Starter Kit we absolutely love the Creative Starter Kit. It’s a fantastic bit of technology that is so helpful for children to improve drawing skills, hand-eye coordination, problem-solving whilst having fun. L adores the Monster game. Experiencing the delight shown on her face when she saw her drawings on the iPad screen was amazing!

The creative wipe-clean board is easily wiped clean with the microfibre pouch supplied which is also ideal for keeping the dry erase markers safe. Love the idea of the microfibre cloth also being a zipped pouch to keen the markers safe – a genius idea! The whole kit is packaged lovely so it would make a fantastic birthday or Christmas gift.

Wipe Clean the Osmo board

L loves to draw, and I think the kit is worth the money, for the hours and hours she is getting out of this. Especially as it will grow with her as she gets older. Watching her creations come to life is fantastic and then seeing them come to life at super speed on the iPad screen is truly magic.

Although the apps for the games are free, you have to buy the kit to use them on the iPad or fire tablet. The base is made from durable plastic the same goes for the reflector. Osmo is a great investment for your child’s educational future. It will grow with your child as they get into more tricky stuff. Of course, it also turns education into fun!

Osmo iPad Compatibility

This kit is compatible with iPad’s: iPad 2, iPad (3rd Generation), iPad (4th Generation), iPad (5th Generation), iPad (6th Generation), iPad (7th Generation), iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 4, iPad Mini 5, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 3, and the 9.7-inch and 10.5-inch iPad Pro. Osmo is currently NOT compatible with the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro. iOS version: iOS 9 or greater. 

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  1. This looks really fun actually, my daughter keeps seeing the advert and wants this but the problem is she doesn’t have an Ipad and nor do we haha. Brilliant invention.

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