How a Child’s Positivity Can Lead to Success in Any Occupation

We’ve all heard of the power of positive thinking. Positivity is more than making vision boards or trying to manifest things with the power of your will. Truly positive people are magnetic, active, and ambitious. They seem to attract positive things to their lives like a magnet. Having a positive attitude really can open doors. Those benefits are true for our children, as well. In fact, nurturing positivity now can help them find success in their future career, no matter what they decide to be. Help your child develop a positive attitude, and you’ll see the benefits when they join the work force.  

How a Child’s Positivity Can Lead to Success in Any Occupation

Social Skills

Positivity helps kids develop good social skills. As kids navigate the various relationships of childhood, they are learning how to be good people and interact with the world. A child who approaches these relationships with a positive attitude develops compassion. They are more likely to do things with the group in mind. They handle conflict in a more effective manner, as well, often finding compromises that benefit everyone. My friend commented on his kid, saying, “his idea of a good time is everyone watching him have a good time.” That is probably true of most young children, at least some of the time. Developing a positive attitude in social situations helps kids have a good time by participating with the group, instead of vice versa.

Excellent social skills will be a huge career booster for your kid. The fact is, everyone wants to work with positive people. Positive people attract others, encourage collaboration, and make lasting professional relationships. These are true leadership skills. Fostering a positive attitude at a young age will help your kids develop these skills.


Positivity builds resiliency against setbacks. When your child has a positive attitude about a challenge, they are better able to frame failure as a learning opportunity. They will also be more willing to continue working towards difficult goals. Positive thinking creates internal motivators, like curiosity and growth, that will take your kids through hard times. It’s totally normal for your kid to be bummed about failing a test. Positivity takes over after the initial disappointment has worn off. A positive kid will look for a reason that they failed and try to make changes. That attitude can extend to all kinds of life experiences, from sports to their first heartbreak. They will learn to bounce back.

As adults, that resiliency will pay off in the workplace. Looking at setbacks through a positive lens allows us to adapt our work to be more productive and meaningful. As your child develops their professional identity, they will create a reputation for sticking out the tough spots. Innovation is impossible without setbacks, so resiliency is a valuable skill.

Healthy Risk Taking

Some kids are naturally risk takers. As parents, our first instinct can be to stop our children’s risky behaviors, but that isn’t always the right move. Rather than wrap our kids in bubble wrap, we should be teaching them how to take healthy risks. When they are very young, this could be as simple as letting them get messy. As they get older, we should encourage our kids to take risks like playing sports, or entering competitions. Of course, they won’t win every contest they enter, but just the act of entering is a healthy risk.

Healthy risk taking is beneficial for many reasons, but processing those experiences with a positive attitude will result in highly capable kids. As they attempt bigger challenges, whether they succeed or fail, they will be battling perfectionism and performance anxiety. You know that voice in your head that tells you someone else will always be better than you? It can be conquered. All your kid needs to do is respond, “I won’t know if I don’t try.”

That saying works in any career path. Scientists say it all the time when doing new research. Inventors say it before they make a prototype. Wallstreet traders say it before they buy a growth stock!


Positivity leads to ambition. Personally, I think ambition gets a bad rap. Obviously, some people can take it too far, but there is nothing wrong with going for something that you want. Positive kids often grow into ambitious teens. Whether they are trying out for a varsity team, or a 15 year old searching for their dream job, ambition pushes kids to test their limits. A positive attitude will help them get the most out of their ambition without falling prey to its darker side.

As they grow into professionals, ambition will help them move up in their chosen career path. They will be more likely to apply for bigger, better positions if they have the drive to do better. A positive attitude will help them take chances to keep moving forward.

How a Child’s Positivity Can Lead to Success in Any Occupation

A Measurement of Success

A positive attitude will foster growth and open opportunities for your child, but does that really guarantee their success? Yes, because positivity can change their measurement of success. It may be a bit cynical, but I was always told that the traditional measurement of success was money. If you made lots of it, it meant you were successful. When I became an educator, success was measured in awards and accolades. There is nothing wrong with those measurements, if that’s what is important for you. What is wrong is assuming that someone else’s success makes you a failure. Positivity flips that script for your kid. A positive child can be proud of someone else’s success, even inspired by it. They don’t envy other people’s success, but use it to help them create their own priorities.  

A positive attitude prevents kids from comparison and envy, allowing them to form their own opinions about what makes them successful. It may be stability, or a balanced life. It could be fulfilment or community involvement. Your child will form a deeper understanding and appreciation for their priorities. As parents, we want our children to be happy and fulfilled. That is truly success.

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  1. Some great advice here, I love the one about taking healthy risks, it’s something I hadn’t thought about.

  2. You are certainly right – a positive attitude can lead to many opportunities! I was determined to pass all my GCSE’s at school – and I did. I now work for the NHS! Great blog post and inspiration for children and teens. x

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