Surviving the Dog Days of Summer: Top Apps and Strategies for Busy Parents

Summer vacation can be rough if you’re a parent who also has to work while keeping your kids out of trouble and entertained. However, there’s no need to sweat it out, you can have help right at hand on your mobile device. Here are some simple strategies and apps to help make each day special, because the school buses will start rolling before you know it.

Top Apps and Strategies for Busy Parents -

Survival Tips

Here are some parenting survival tips to get you through the long summer holidays.

  • Join forces: Team up with other parents in your neighborhood so that you can take turns keeping an eye on the kids while juggling work hours.

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Slogging Away as a Working Mum

It’s been 8 months since I first went back to work after having baby girl. Don’t ask me where that time has gone. It’s flown by! Now I slog it out as a working mum 5 days a week. Our daily routine when I’m at work during the week starts very early 4:45am in fact, but on my days off we treasure a little lie in… well until 7am anyway!

On our days off we love to go down to our local park and play on the swings and have a run about. It’s gorgeous in the Summer with lots of different play areas plus picnic and walking areas.

Slogging away as a working mum

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Our #TearsIntoSmiles Challenge With Elastoplast 

Baby girl is now very confident walking and running round at 15 months old. As the weather is lovely at the moment we love to take her down to our local park the park keepers do such an excellent job keeping the flower beds bright and colourful at thhis time of year.  It’s imprtant to get out in the fresh air for not only exercise to but to keep healthy in mind as well.

#TearsIntoSmiles with Elastoplast

Sometimes her body moves faster than her little legs resulting in lots of little tumbles! We have had a few tears. So when we were asked how we turn #TearsIntoSmiles for the Elastoplast campaign we came up with a few ideas.

Malpas Park Truro, Cornwall

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Family Safety Rules: Teaching Tools to Raise Strong and Secure Kids

You’ve taught your child the basic safety rules. Don’t talk to strangers. Wear a helmet when riding your bike. Look both ways before you cross the road. But what about situations that aren’t so easy for a child to read? That’s when their judgment kicks in – so you had better be sure you are helping them to develop a sixth sense when it comes to safety.

Family Safety Rules: Teaching Tools to Raise Strong and Secure Kids

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Moms on the Move: Ways for Stay At Home Moms to Destress After a Long Day

To many who aren’t familiar with what stay at home moms do, the role can seem like a cushy gig. It can seem as if your time is your own, and you can choose to rest whenever you want; you make up your own schedule, after all.

In reality, stay at home moms don’t make up their schedules, at all; it’s the children who make them. Living to the hectic needs of children can be more than exhausting; it can be stressful, as well, with few avenues for stress release.

If this is you and you need tips to help calm a mind that’s been on edge for years, here they are.

Ways for stay at home moms to destress

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Introducing Skwibble – The app designed to help parents tell the greatest story ever told!

I love app’s. It’s true there is an app for practically almost anything, and with baby girl growing so fast It’s great to document her growth and development journey. When I discovered what Skwibble can actually do I was amazed for a such a tiny FREE app. There are many different app’s for baby art and, but none quite like this one where you can use it like a diary, store your photos in a journal and share everything with family and friends.


Skwibble App Review

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