Everything You Need To Know About the New Smart Fortwo

Over 20 years ago, the Smart company pulled out of a partnership with the multinational automotive company, Daimler-Benz (now DaimlerChrysler) after their first run on creating and selling the first city-coupe fell below their expectations. Daimler-Benz took over the company, renamed the city-coupe a ‘Fortwo’, and it is currently entering its third model generation in the public market. In March this year, Daimler sold half of the Smart Brand to Chinese automotive company, Geely but has given the ForTwo models a final makeover before the Geely takeover. Here’s everything you should know about the latest all-electric Smart Fortwo models.

Everything You Need To Know About the New Smart Fortwo
Everything You Need To Know About the New Smart Fortwo

Design and styling

One of the most distinctive features of a Smart car is its size. Approximately 2.7 metres long, this two-seater is as compact as they get. With about 100m extra on both tracks, the new model is wider than the older ones. The tyres and gearbox have also been upgraded. The tyres with their mix width to allow for more stability while the gearbox now has a standard five-speed control and an optional six-speed dual-clutch automatic control.

Interior upgrade

The Smart Fortwo seats two people with just enough leg space in front and a grocery space behind. It also has an eight-inch black and white infotainment system, with floating display for navigation, a JBL stereo, Bluetooth streaming audio, Android smartphone connectivity and cruise control. It is a host for whatever your smartphone can do.

 Exterior upgrade

It retains its conventional compact design, but the bonnet, rear bumper and tail light have been redesigned. Smart logos used to be placed on the mesh but now have been replaced with a small logotype on the front hood. The mesh is also customizable as it can now be painted in the same colour as the body of the car.

Engine performance

According to the manufacturing company, this Smart car is the first coupe to switch from gas engines to a fully electric vehicle. It holds an 81-horsepower electric motor and a 17.1-kWh lithium-ion battery which returns about 54 miles of driving. Its speed is capped at 81 mph.

Fuel economy

Being an electric car, the Smart Fortwo makes no use of gasoline but it is rated for only 54 miles of range which is not so high on the spectrum but is very effective for a short-range commuter.


This new Fortwo is offered either as a coupe and a convertible. The Coupe is available in the Pure, Passion and Prime models while the convertible version is offered in Passion and Prime. Coupes start at about $25,000 with the Prime model going for about $27,000 while the convertible version costs about $30,000. For a small car, they are worth the price.

The primary thing Daimler-Benz and his team promised was that they would introduce an electric car and this new car is exactly that. An electric two-seater with features as great as this is perfect for a city commuter. To buy or service your Smart car regardless of the model, visiting industry experts like the Sandown group with dealerships in multiple cities is the smartest way to go. 

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