Buying New or Used – Which Option is Best for a Family Car?

People usually think of two options when they look for a family car: new or used. Both options have their pros and cons, and before you dismiss one for the other, you have to know what these are. Some people will assume that buying a used car makes better financial sense without considering all the hidden costs of owning an older vehicle. Also, they may not truly understand some of the benefits of owning and driving a brand-new vehicle. So, which one is the best option between buying a new or used family car?

new or used car - Reasons Not To Buy A Brand New Car

New Vehicles are Safer and More Fuel Efficient

One of the things many people overlook when they look at used vs new vehicles is all the advanced features new cars have. Great car manufacturers try to improve their vehicles year after year, and a vehicle that was released five years ago will behave and run very differently from a more recent one. It might not have the same security features such as an advanced monitoring system, automatic driving and stopping features, and braking system, for instance. The steering might not be as good either. So, don’t assume that because two vehicles look roughly the same, they will offer the same experience or sense of security.

Older Vehicles are Cheaper

The most obvious advantage of used cars is that they cost much less because of depreciation. A vehicle will lose about 15% of its value the minute it leaves the dealer and about 60% after five years. So, there could be major savings to be had if you buy the car just at the right spot. 

Used vehicles will also cost less to insure. You should know, however, that the difference in insurance costs between an older and brand-new vehicle will often be smaller than many people imagine because of the safety factor. This is why we would suggest that you use a car insurance comparison site and compare quotes between vehicles before you make assumptions. An example of this can be seen through CompareNI; a car insurance in Northern Ireland site that will allow you to check the difference between car quotes and see how big or little savings you would make with an older vehicle. These sites often allow you to get your policy on the spot, which can be very convenient.

New Vehicles Come with No Surprises

There’s nothing quite like buying a brand-new car. You get to enjoy that fresh new car smell and you won’t have to worry about the car going wrong. You’ll know that any major issues not attributable to wear will be covered by your warranty. So, peace of mind is one of the reasons why buying a new car is the best option for many people.

Used Cars Can Have a Warranty Too

With that being said, you could also get an older vehicle that is just about to be out of warranty. If you buy a three-year-old vehicle just before the end of a five-year warranty, you’ll be able to enjoy the same peace of mind as new car owners do for these two years. You’ll then have the choice between selling the car before the end of the warranty or taking the risks that come with driving a car that doesn’t have one.

Choose the Options on a New Car

One big advantage of buying a brand-new car is that you can choose which options you have, such as alloy wheels, air-con, and more. If you want a car that meets your exact specifications, buying a new car straight from the dealer is a good idea. Once you have chosen your make and model, you can tick all the extra options you want. They will cost more, but if you plan to keep the car for several years, it is worth it for the extra convenience and the fact the car will be a lot more fun to drive.

As you can see, the decision between buying an old or new vehicle is not as clear-cut as you may have imagined. This is why you need to look at both options closely before you jump to conclusions and make a decision you’ll regret.

Spend some time researching different makes and models of cars. Read reviews and check whether older vehicles have any known issues. One way to do this is by joining car forums. Once you have a shortlist of cars you like the look of, visit the forum associated with the make and model and read through the threads to see if any issues keep popping up. Some cars are more reliable than others, so the last thing you want is to buy a car with a long list of known faults, especially expensive ones like premature head gasket failure.

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