Working Mother: 5 Occupations For an Extra Income

In these challenging times that we all face, no household has been left unaffected. All these families with their future plans have been and continue to be affected by these great changes that have taken place in the lives of all of us. Many mothers, in addition to the very important role of raising their children and managing the family home, are called upon to take on other responsibilities to earn an extra income due to these unfortunate circumstances. 

Working mother 5 occupations for an extra income

Mothers are, therefore, looking for flexible and economical solutions that will alleviate the burden of family expenses, while maintaining the fundamental role of mother in their own home. What are the five occupations that a mother can do at home for an extra income?

1. Online Teacher

If you have a teacher’s degree, which due to circumstances you have not been able to use, maybe now is an excellent opportunity to turn to online courses. The need for learning will never be eliminated, nor will their corresponding demand. The power of the internet and the way we use it, now allows you to be in every home and learn through a camera and your computer. In this way, the immediacy and interaction with your students may be lost, but there are certainly quite a few positives in all of this. This way of working also provides you with the necessary flexibility to balance your family life with your professional one.

2. Accountant

Accounting is another profession that you can work from home. So if you have some previous service or studies related to the specific career, then do not miss this opportunity to practice it from the safety of your home. It is aimed at mothers who efficiently manage money transactions, who are always informed about the new provisions and regulations and can comfortably manage your business books, as well as provide you with substantial assistance in your tax return. Accounting is a profession that continues to offer its services even today.

3. Executive Assistant from home

A personal assistant is essential for the organization and observance of the programs of the executives, which presents several vital responsibilities. The good thing about this job is that you can practice it directly from your home with a stable internet connection and a telephone, answering customer emails, arranging business appointments as well as other processes involving senior company executives. The hours in this job are not so flexible because you will probably work the working hours that apply to all the other companies, but it’s a great way to earn an extra income.

4. Voice Actress

At first glance, your mind may go to the normal actors of television and cinema. You can calm down; we don’t exactly mean that. Voice actors are the professionals who are responsible for the various voice-overs that we encounter every day for advertising purposes such as television and radio. Of course, they serve dozens of other different purposes of entertainment, but you probably got it. If all this excites you, you can try it from home. 

So if you think that your voice has the right tone and expressiveness required, then all you have to do is buy recording equipment (microphone, mixer, etc.) and start recording from your home. Voquent is continuously looking for employees who are able to offer their voicemail services and join their experienced team with a fairly satisfactory salary, which for years offers one of the most reliable services.

5. Proofreader

If your vast knowledge of grammar and syntax often leads you to correct your friends’ texts, then we have good news for you: this job may be right for you. Various publishers, writers or companies are continually looking for people who can read their texts in detail and correct possible spelling, grammar and syntax errors that may occur. A profession that can be practised entirely from your home and which can reward you satisfactorily.

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