This is How To Come Up With A Strong Password That You Won’t Forget!

Coming up with a strong password is one of the simplest things you can do to protect yourself online – yet many people fail to do it. Nearly all of us have multiple platforms that we visit online every day, and if we’re not careful, our personal information could get into the wrong hands. Millions of passwords have been breached to this day. Below, we’ll take a look at how you can come up with strong passwords you won’t forget! 

How To Come Up With A Strong Password That You Won't Forget

Stay Away From Anything Obvious

You can use an old pet’s name with some special characters and numbers, but don’t use your own name. Don’t use any names you post regularly on your social accounts, just in case somebody specifically tries to hack you, rather than just has a crack at many people at once. Hackers will put everything they know about you into their software so that it is used in their attempts. Don’t make it obvious. 

Always Use A Mix Of Characters

Use an ‘@’ instead of an ‘A’. Use a number that is special to you rather than ‘1234’ or ‘111’. Just remember not to make the replacements for the word too obvious, or a hacker will crack that code just as equally. If your daughter’s name is Sarah and it could be possible that they know this, don’t use ‘5@r@h’. 

Choose Uncommon Words

Pick things that wouldn’t automatically be associated with you. Choose a really strange word that you like but haven’t told anybody about. Make up your own insane word, even! 

Don’t forget to use a password manager so you can remember all of your different passwords until they are ingrained on your brain. The infographic below will give you a better idea of why choosing a strong password is so important! 

credit to Cyber-Security.Degree

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