Office Essentials To Boost Staff Morale

If you are looking to open your office up soon, you will no doubt be thinking how to do this in a safe way in a post-pandemic world. Every aspect of our lives has changed since the emergence of the novel coronavirus, from our relationships to our social life and from our kids’ schooling to our work. While we have been working from home, people have reconsidered the importance of the office. Some companies are choosing to forego the office altogether, whereas others are looking at ways to rejuvenate the office space to a more safe way of working. Being in the office means you can enjoy the social aspect of your work that you have missed so much. However, with times still uncertain, morale can be low. Take a look at these office essentials to boost staff morale, and make the office a happy place once again.

Office Essentials To Boost Staff Morale

Go Open Plan

An open-plan office, like the ones available to rent on Vail Williams, is ideal for maintaining an airy and well-ventilated atmosphere. Closed off and poky offices are not as safe for your workforce. Open-plan offices are more conducive to social distancing measures. You can reconfigure desk and seating layouts to ensure that people remain two meres apart all day. While staff are unable to get as close to their colleagues, conversations can still be had, and ideas can still be shared. This makes for a more collaborative way of working which can boost morale. Put an end to hot-desking and allocate a chair and desk to each worker. If this is difficult, you may need to employ an office rota to accommodate your staff.


Deep cleaning will be a more regular occurrence in the new office space. You will need to employ a specialist team of cleaners with the right kit and decontamination products to ensure that your place of work remains hygienic. Every surface must be wiped down at the end of each day and hand sanitiser should be present. Many staff members might wish to wear masks or gloves. Allow this and don’t make a big fuss of it. You need to empower your staff to feel safe and capable of performing their duties. Covid-19 safety garners a personal response and this is no different in the workplace.

Virtual Meetings

The virtual meeting will not disappear overnight. Those Skype and Zoom calls will still be occurring between your limited staff in the office and those working from home. Ensure that your WiFi capability is exceptional within your workplace. Downtime can sap morale and make your team less productive. Ensure that you communicate with your staff regularly, and be the friendly face that they see via Microsoft Teams at least once a week. Allow your staff to vent and set up staff socials online. They need to feel valued and safe. Their well being should be paramount to you so be that caring boss who reassures and boosts morale.

Your staff may be nervous about returning to work. Ensure that you follow all government guidelines and go above and beyond to ensure that there are office essentials to boost staff morale.

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