What Needs To Change About Your Business Before You’re Ready To Employ?

Running a business alone is always an empowering experience. Knowing that you’ve built something from the ground up is one of the best achievements any of us could hope for. Lucky for you, you’re also operating in an age where this is easier than ever. Thanks to ecommerce, blogging, and the like, many of us are now able to take control of our earnings. If you’ve always worked in large organizations, this chance to please yourself can feel amazing.

What Needs To Change About Your Business Before You're Ready To Employ

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At some stage, though, flying the solo flag could stop working. While this is possible to a certain stage, success means you’ll need to consider employment. Even if you’ve managed to get by with outsourcing so far, you may feel as though you want to simplify your processes by bringing in a team of your own. This is a huge landmark to reach, and you should pat yourself on the back. But, don’t celebrate too prematurely, will you?

Bringing a team onboard involves more than putting the feelers out there. Before you even advertise, it’s crucial to realize that a few things are going to need to change before you can bring others along for the ride. Your business won’t be all about you anymore, after all. As such, you’ll want to consider the following to make sure your team is as happy as you’ve been so far.

Where you work

Your first port of call should be where you work. As a solopreneur, you’ve been able to get away with a stylish home office, but we’ve got bad news; that’s never going to do if you’re employing. Even if you think you can make it work, bringing staff into your home can complicate things. It may make your team and your family uncomfortable. It may also blur the lines for things like health and safety. As if that weren’t enough, it could wreak havoc with your mental health. If you think keeping work and home separate is difficult now, try managing when you have people in and out all day. This is no way to work. Which is why your first consideration should be to invest in a physical space. We’re not saying that you need to spend a fortune on a large office up front. Even renting a few cubicles in a communal area could serve you for the time being. This will create a professional setting for everyone, and make work easier all around.

How you work

Speaking of making work easier, you may also want to consider how you work. If you’ve got your processes streamlined already, you can move onto the next point. But, the majority of us running our own businesses have far from got it together. Most of us have strange methods no one else would understand. Some even use systems that a team wouldn’t be able to grasp in a million years. Alone, you can weather the quirks and oddities of your methods. But, it isn’t fair to ask a team to do the same. As such, you also need to think about simplifying things here. This could mean scrapping outdated internet providers in place of something more user-friendly. It could mean doing away with your odd payment methods for a more modern point of sale systems which will be easy for any team member to understand. These alterations may seem like a pain now, but they’re sure to make life easier for every member of your team. The pressure they take off of the training process will also probably make your life easier. It’s fair to say, then, that it’s worth shaking things up here beforehand.

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The hours you keep

When you have no one to please but yourself, there’s nothing wrong with getting down to work at midnight. If inspiration strikes, why not? If you usually keep odd working hours, though, that’s also going to need to change when you bring people onboard. If you’re to stand any chance at keeping employees, regularly 9-5 hours should be standard. And, you’re going to need to stick to that from that now on, as well. That’s because you’ll need to operate alongside the rest of your team to get everything done. You also can’t expect any employee to answer emails at midnight and gone. As such, arriving at your desk then won’t do you any good. To test the waters, get into the habit of working 9-5 now. Then, when you do take people on, the change won’t come as much of a shock.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope these tips will help to change your business.

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