Business/ IT Degrees You Can Complete Online

These days, young people have so many options when it comes to choosing a career path. No matter what field you’re related in – healthcare, the arts, business, teaching, and everything in between – there are myriad professions out there to choose from. While it’s true that many career fields these days don’t necessarily require a degree, there are still many that do, especially in the fields of business and/or IT. For those jobs where business and IT intersect, you’re definitely going to want to further your education. Luckily there are several business degrees you can obtain online from reputable universities. Continue with this post to find out more about these accredited universities and how you can obtain a business or IT degree from your own home. 

Business/ IT Degrees You Can Complete Online

One of the more popular jobs in the world of business these days is that of a business systems analyst. These careers are in high demand across a wide variety of industries. Business systems analysts use their analytical skills and talents to help managers, CEOs, healthcare professionals, and more determine how best to tackle various issues, implement solutions and create innovative ways to carry out their business by analyzing data and seeing what works. This job is literally all about taking the data and analyzing it to create new pathways. This is something that every business in every industry needs. As an analyst, you’ll meet with a wide spectrum of people across various industries, including stakeholders and board members down to every day employees and teams. You’ll document your findings as you analyze various types of data and report back with your solutions. You’ll recommend courses of action based on your findings and then continue to monitor those solutions once they are implemented. Business systems analysts are very valued members of any team. 

So how do you go about becoming a business systems analyst? You’ll want to first obtain a Masters of Business Science or Masters of Business Administration from an accredited university. These courses are offered all across the country and many of these universities offer online business courses so you can go at your own pace and from your own home. 

Obtaining a degree in business can really pay off. Most business systems analysts make very good wages, with the average pay being around $88,000 annually, even for those first starting out. These positions also have a lot of job security as there is always a demand for business analysts in every industry and every location. Business systems analysts can work in healthcare, in education, for Fortune 500 companies or small teams – the choice is yours. 

Considering a career as a business systems analyst is a great choice. Job security, good pay, great benefits and a rewarding and engaging career that will keep you on the cutting edge of technology, where you’re a valued member of a team. Sounds like a great career path! Why not get started on your online degree today?

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