World Book Night 23/04/2016

Happy Saturday! Today is World Book Night which is a night where lots of volunteers give out books from a choice of 15 to people in their communities who don’t normally read. I think this is a fantastic idea! As an avid book reader I know I will be making sure I have a book in my hand in support.
World Book Night

You can find lots of information on World Book Night on their website World Book Night
“World Book Night is an annual celebration of reading and books that takes place on 23 April. It sees passionate volunteers give out hundreds of thousands of books in their communities to share their love of reading with people who don’t read regularly or own books. World Book Night is run by The Reading Agency, a national charity that inspires people to become confident and enthusiastic readers to help give them an equal chance in life.”


I have started introducing books to my 11 week old. I don’t think you can be too early with teaching them about books. We have started with this beautiful Nursery Rhyme book. It is full of colourful pictures and I love to read it to her in the afternoons.
Nursery Rhymes
Will you be reading a book tonight in support of World Book Night?


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4 thoughts on “World Book Night 23/04/2016

  1. We love books and reading in our household! I read Olivia a bedtime story since she was 7 weeks old and read the same one for ages, now when I bring that particular book out she gets so excited. Definitely don't think you can ever start too early with books!x

  2. Hi Rachel, I wasn't worried about clothes for the baby, when I was pregnant, and managed to collect a whole load of books that I couldn't wait to enjoy with my children. You can never start enjoying books with a child too early.

    I still enjoy reading, although I don't manage to read as much as I would like I do read every night before I go to sleep, whatever the time. So I will be holding a book tonight and may even fall asleep with one!


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