Potty Training with Little Budgie’s Done A Fudgie

Baby girl is now 26 months old. She is very switched on and has shown that she is nearly ready for toilet training. A few weeks back we reviewed the Step’n’ Potty from Bumbo, but she wasn’t quite ready for potty training then. When we saw the health visitor for her 2 year check up, she gave us some advice on potty training, but said to leave it for a couple of months due the change in her life of having a little sister next week. She said that with having a newborn in the house would be a big adjustment without having potty training as well in her life. So we will be back on the potty training in the Summer. Taking small steps as we go along.

For now though we have been reading this great little book called Little Budgie’s Done A Fudgie by Simon Harris. It’s all about a little bird taking his first steps out of a nappy onto the potty.

Little Budgie's Done A Fudgie

Book Description

Little Budgie’s Done A Fudgie is a unique rhyming tale all about the adventure of potty training. The author Simon came up with the idea while teaching his own little boy to make the jump from nappies to the potty, and although Little Budgie has some mishaps along the way he finally makes it to the potty on time, making Mummy Budgie jump for joy!

Little Budgie's Done A Fudgie

What we thought

What a fun little book. Great illustrations and easy rhyming words for little ones to understand. We have thoroughly enjoyed reading Little Budgie’s Done A Fudgie quite a few times now.

Mummy Budgie and Little Budgie are mother and son and mummy explains that the time has come for Little Budgie to move on from nappies to the potty. Little Budgie doesn’t get to the potty in time straight away, but eventually he knows when he needs to go. Mummy Budgie gives him treats and explains it will happen and don’t worry about the accident. Once Little Budgie has mastered the potty he dreams of using the big toilet.

It’s a thoughtful written story to help toddlers with potty training, Mummy Budgie is kind and caring and the author shows this. It goes through all the steps encouraging potty training all the way through.

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Little Budgie's Done A Fudgie

About the author

After struggling for what seemed like an eternity with potty training his toddler son, former French and IT teacher and dad of 3 Simon Harris had a fun idea.

“My three-year-old son Luke has been a little bit slow with his potty training so I decided to write a little story to try and help him – it’s called ‘Little Budgie’s Done A Fudgie.’

It’s a little bit ‘out there’ as far as titles go, however to my amazement he really identified with Little Budgie and how Mummy Budgie has helped him to keep trying and get there in the end.”

Seeing the progress his son was making, with Luke feeling more confident and more like a “big boy”, Simon (Or Mr Harris as he has been called for several years) thought this could be great for fellow parents too.

Little Budgie's Done A Fudgie


Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have enjoyed this review.

*We were sent a copy of Little Budgie’s Done A Fudgie in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post contains an affiliate link.



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