Book Review: Once Upon A Time…Online

It’s great fun being a Parragon Book Buddy. This is our first book from them to review. Once Upon A Time…. Online by David Bedford & Rosie Reeve is a fantastic children’s book for early learners. I would say for 3-5 year olds, but younger children may find it interesting as well. I love to read books to baby girl. She is nearly 11 months old and just looks at the bright colours and helps to turn the pages.

Once Upon A Time… Online arrived neatly wrapped and we was eager to see what the book was like inside.

Book Review: Once upon a time online

Book Description

Once upon a time, a laptop arrived in Fairy-tale land… A happily ever after is only a click away! Find out what happens when our favorite fairy-tale characters receive a laptop and learn a lesson in online safety. Once Upon a Time… Online is illustrated by Rose Reeve and written by David Bedford.

Once Upon A Time Online

My Review

I think what fascinated us was the title. I have been a huge fan of Once Upon A Time stories all my life, so with the title ‘online’ I know it would an updated version totally relevent for todays kids.

Jack watched a beanstalk grow

The story starts with Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk receiving a present. Inside was a shiny new laptop, but Jack didn’t know what it was so he took it to Cinderella who knew what it was and she became the first fairytale online shopper.

The next thing that happened was all of her friends wanted new things so lots of things got ordered online. Then a huge bill turned up!

The poor fairytale characters didn’t know what to do, but lucky for them Cinderella’s own fairy Godmother turned up and using magic made the bill disappear.

This was the only part of this great story that I wasn’t too happy with. Problems don’t magically disappear with the wave of a magic wand. This isn’t real life.

She does warn them that they must in future ask an adult before they go online.

Cinderella's own fairy godmother arrived out of the blue

I do like the illustrations. They make the book bright, colourful and fun. It’s a great rhyming story bringing back old fairytale characters to a modern world.

Rupunzel's new hairstyles

A perfect magic touch is the wonderfully illustrated pages inside the book covers.

colouful patterns inside the book cover

I would like to say thanks to Parragon to sending us Once Upon A Time… Online to read and review. All my thoughts and opinions are my very own.

Is this the type of book you would buy for your child to help them learn about the online world?

As always I love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading x

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