Blog Tour – Never Forget by Richard Davis

Today I’m pleased to say I’m on the blog tour for Never Forget by Richard Davis. Usually I always host a book review on a tour, but this time I thought I would interview the author.

But first here is a little about Never Forget.

Blog Tour - Never Forget by Richard Davis

Book Description

As a wave of seemingly random assassinations engulfs California, Marshall finds himself drawn into a situation spiralling out of control.

He soon discovers some of the webs’ most secure protocols have been compromised by a rogue team of former Chinese agents. When Marshall realises what they plan, the stakes are raised…

And that’s before the Secretary of State gets involved. Can Marshall unravel the deceit and tricks before it’s too late? Can he stop the carnage, or will he become part of it? One thing is for certain: either way his enemies will never forget.

Never Forget by Richard Davis is book two in the Saul Marshall series, book one is called False Prophet.

My Interview With Richard Davis:

When did you first realise you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve been harbouring fantasies of writing novels since I was kid – in fact, I tried to write a novel when still in primary school. The attempt was embarrassing, but fortunately I lacked the self-awareness to realise. It wasn’t till university that my childhood daydreaming became a solid ambition, as it was only then I started to have a bit of faith in my writing chops.

How long does it take you to get through a novel.

I’m not a quick reader at all. It’ll usually take me a good week to read a 300 page book. If I manage to read it faster it’s either because: a) I’m doing nothing but reading; or b) I’m not reading it very carefully.

Where do you get the ideas for your books? and how did you come up with the Saul Marshall series?

I get my ideas by aggressively pursuing them: by obsessively reading the news, and by consuming loads of book – both fiction and non-fiction. The difficulty is not finding ideas – there are loads of them out there – but deciding which ones to pick, and how to combine them.

And how did the Saul Marshall series come about? Well, I knew I wanted to write a thriller novel, so I put myself in the reader’s shoes, and asked myself, What does the thriller I’d most like to read look like? It really was as simple as that.

What was your favourite part of False Prophet to write and why?

I always enjoying writing the dialogue between Saul and his sidekick, Vannevar Yeung. It’s just an excuse to crack loads of jokes.

Do you have any strange writing habits?

Probably my worst habit is that I compulsively chew and break things: pens, cutlery, phone cases, food wrappers, receipts. You name it, I’ll shred it – and by the end of the day, my desk is scattered with shards of plastic and other such detritus.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Sure! I’m 26, and live in North London, UK, with my girlfriend. My enemies say that I’m paranoid, but they would say that, wouldn’t they? Don’t listen to them if they contact you (I know they already have – honestly, don’t listen to them). I also enjoy classical music.

Richard Davis

Thanks Richard for answering my questions.

This is the blog tour schedule if you want to pop over and see what the other fantastic bloggers are doing on the tour!

If you like the sound of the Saul Marshall series you can find them over at Amazon.

Blog Tour Schedule for Never Forget

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