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Before last year, I wasn’t familiar with mental health. It hadn’t been a part of my life. Until my brother had his first moment. Exactly a year before we had lost our dad through cancer. My mum and brother cared for him at home and saw things maybe they shouldn’t have. At the time I didn’t think about how this could affect my already sensitive little brother. During this next year leading up to dad’s one-year passing, my brother obviously was silently struggling to cope with it. He has never been one to talk about his feelings. His mind couldn’t cope with life around him and something switched off or on – whichever way you say it and he had a breakdown. After months of speaking with doctors and nurses and settling down on his medication, thankfully he’s back to himself.

Book description

Manuscripts of the Mind is a series of poetry dedicated to and inspired by the fantastical world of the bipolar mind and how one journeys through the metamorphosis of one’s state of living to a state of being. This series also consists of concrete poetry that paints an intriguing visualization of the author’s interpretation of words and the meaning of life. 

Bipolar disorder and mental health issues are, to date, largely misconceived and misunderstood subject in modern-day society. Manuscripts of the Mind is an open book to introduce bipolarism in a different light: through its poems of creative expression and linguistic choreography, rather than through an analytical viewing of the subject matter.

My Thoughts

This experience with mental health first hand that I’ve had, has given me a new understanding of how serious it can be. When I was asked to take a look at Manuscripts of the Mind by the wonderful Jessie J’ng, I was intrigued to read the thoughts of the world of a bipolar mind. I will admit it’s not my normal reading material. Maybe that’s why I’ve been thoroughly absorbed with the words written. I’ve read it a few times now, and each time it promotes new thoughts, and I set back and take it in.

Manuscripts of the Mind is a series of short poems and phrases put together on paper. They paint a colurful picture of the mind and the meaning of life. They are pretty deep in thought so rereading each one gives you a stronger meaning. It makes your brain dance for sure!

The poems are short, with some only a few words. But I can imagine this is how the bipolar mind works. With short quick fired out words and phrases, before the mind has moved onto the next thought. The mind is very complex and no one is the same.

The poem called Paralysis deserves a special mention. This must be the kind of thoughts that a person with bipolar has. Obviously I’m no expert and I don’t want to offend anyone. She watches her body fight the paralysis, knowing she’s on the edge, and one day she will be free, or so she believes. Those words have resonated with me, how the feeling of being trapped by your mind. It’s hard to comprehend from someone who doesn’t suffer from mental health. But reading these poems has brought me closer.

Thank you to Ghost & Ribbon for my ebook copy.

About the author

Jessie J’ng, a young poet from London, is a performer and advocate of mental health awareness, hoping the world will become a better place for all. 

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