Book Review: James and the Amazing Gift

A couple of weeks back I featured this beautiful little book – James and the Amazing Gift by Nicola J. Rowley in my kids Christmas Gift Guide. Here is my review of that book. It’s such a wonderful story that it deserves its own review.

James and the Amazing Gift by Nicola J. Rowley

Book Description

James has an amazing gift. He loves to smile. He also has an incredible ability to make everyone he meets, smile too. But one day, whilst he is at a garden centre with his mummy, he sees an elderly lady who does not want to smile. She is sitting in the corner with her purple hat pulled down over her face. She is all alone. James has to work really hard to get her attention. Will he be able to make the old lady feel as if she is no longer just by herself?

James Waking up

My Review

I love this kids picture book. James and the Amazing Gift is about a little boy who loves to spread happiness and smiles wherever he goes. It helps children to understand the importance of a smile and the effect it can have on people. James sees and elderly lady all alone and doesn’t want to smile at a garden centre. He works hard to get her attention.

The author Nicola Rowley plans to use this book to raise awareness of the loneliness of the elderly especially at Christmas time.

For every book sold £1 of the proceeds will donated to the UK charity Contact the Elderly. This charity specializes in loneliness amongst elderly people.

It’s great for ages 3-7 years although I did read it through with my 9 month old. She didn’t understand it obviously but loved the bright colourful pictures. I’m sure over time she will begin to love the book as much as I do.

James going to bed after an amazing day

This great little book will make an “amazing gift” so why not add it to your list for next year?

*This post contains affiliate links. I was sent a copy of James and the Amazing Gift in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own as always.

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