Getting Kids Reading With Sooper Books

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My daughters love to read. They get this from me – an addictive bookworm, so are growing up around books. Honestly, we have them in nearly every room in the house! We are in a fortunate position because of my blog to be gifted books regularly for our bedtime stories. Every night we read 2 or sometimes 3 books in bed. With my eldest being just 4 years old more often than not it’s the same books every night for a couple of weeks before we move on!

Sooper Books

Sooper Books have put together a campaign to get kids reading. Their aim is to ensure that all families have access to book shop quality books at the touch of a button. We all know that social media is HUGE and kids sometimes spend too much time on it. So the idea from Sooper Books is to bridge the gap between social media and books by having fantastic stories online to read for free. The stories are suitable for ages 5-12 years, but my daughter at 4 is loving them!

Getting Kids Reading with Sooper Books

Some well-known favourites like Cinderella and The Princess and the Pea are retold by Sooper Books creator Simon Hood. There are 5 minute quick reads and longer 10 minute bedtime stories. Illustrator Charlene Mitchell is also the Sooper Books creator, she illustrates all the books (and my FANTASTIC blog header!)

As well as the stories we all know and love Sooper has created some of their own original stories like, The Posh Rat and Kentucky Fried Children, which I must add are brilliant!

You can see how much hard work has gone into the stories and illustrations by the award-winning couple Simon and Charlene. I can see why they have been shared over 23,000 times since the launch of their site in December 2019.

I just want to say a huge thanks to both Simon and Charlene for introducing us to Sooper Books and thanks for my new blog header design. You have captured our family life expertly!

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