Book Review: Dance With The Dead by James Nally

As you all know I’m a huge reader and love all kinds of books. As much as I love blogging I also love to find a few minutes to pick up a book and relax. The most recent book I’ve been reading is Dance With The Dead by James Nally. Suggested by one of my blogger friends Bridie by the Sea.

Dance With The Dead book cover by James Nally
One of my most favourite genres is crime/thrillers. I always go back to them if I’ve been reading a light fluffy book or reading the same nursery rhyme book for the umpteenth time with baby girl.

Now we are creeping towards Autumn and Winter I find myself reading many more books. Well I used to before baby girl came along.  I wonder if I will have the time this year? Probably not. But so long as I can squeeze a book every couple of weeks in I’ll be happy.

Anyway enough of my waffling. So what are my first thought’s on Dance With The Dead?

Well the cover has that creepy lonely girl thing going on. The dark dismal colours on the cover portrays what the atmosphere of the book is going to be. Totally my kind of book!

 Book Description

Irish runaway. Insomniac. Functioning alcoholic…… DC Donal Lynch is Back.

Donal has been banished to the Cold Case Unit for the past six months, investigating the unsolved murders of several prostitutes. So when another woman’s body is found in North London’s red light district, Donal leaps at his chance to get back on the Murder Squad.

The police suspect a serial killer at work, but Donal uncovers evidence that points to a notorious gangland boss. As the body count rises, can Donal keep his personal demons at bay long enough to convince his superiors that he’s right?

If not he’ll have to bring down London’s most dangerous crime lord by himself. Or die trying…

My Review

DC Donal Lynch has been relegated to the Cold Case Unit due to what happened in the first DC Donal Lynch book – Alone with the Dead (I haven’t read this one yet but will hunt it out!) He is working on a case involving prostitutes. But when a new murder happens he is sent to see if there are any links to his old cases, which there is.

I think Lynch is a special character and is well described by the author. From what I gather happened in the first book, Lynch had a lot of  sleep troubles. The dead victims used to visit him in his sleep helping him to solve their murders. As I said before I haven’t read the first book, but didn’t feel I needed to while I was reading this one. Lynch is a loveable funny character who is failing in his career but tries his very hardest.

I love the atmosphere of the book, it really does creep into your bones. The one thing I feel keeps this crime thriller a cut above the rest is that it’s set in the 1990’s. Before the internet and lots of new fangled technology. It mixes the Anglo-Irish politics of the 90’s into the story, which for me gave it that extra edge.

A highly recommended crime thriller for those who love addictive, dark and gritty storylines.


I have given Dance With The Dead by James Nally 5 out of 5 stars.


*I was sent Dance With Dead in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own as always. This post contains affiliate links.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Dance With The Dead by James Nally

  1. Oooh 5 out of 5 stars, must be fab! I have downloaded it and started reading it and then life got in the way. This is a good prompt to go back to it again 🙂

    1. Life does get in the way, but I always make time even if it’s half hour for reading every few days. I have to say i’ve cut back on my reading these past few weeks as there is so much blogging to do! xx

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