Book Review: Following Evan by Elida May

This week’s Book Review Monday Is a special one as I’m a part of a blog book tour.

I’m very excited to be a part of the Following Evan by Elida May blog book tour. The week before last on the 16th I was lucky enough to be a part of the release day blitz for Following Evan.

The story intrigued me from the moment I read the information I was given about this novel. I always like to set myself little questions from what I gather from the blurb and look forward to finding out the questions while I’m reading along.The questions I gave myself for Following Evan were: What made Laura one day decide that she has finished grieving? Who is this mysterious stranger in New York? What does a woman in a dress from a painting have to do with this book?I’m eager to find out, are you?

Following Evan by Elida May blog tour book review

Book Description

Three years on from the sudden death of her husband Matt and a subsequent miscarriage, interior designer Laura is still lost in grief, hiding out in the smart London townhouse that was going to be her family home. On the encouragement of her best friend Carla, she signs up to a dating website and receives a message from a mysterious stranger, imploring her to visit him in New York because he has seen her face in his dreams.

Meanwhile, Laura visits an art gallery and is captivated by a painting of a beautiful woman in a flowing dress. It seems to be speaking directly to her, beckoning her to take a leap of faith.

These seemingly disparate events lead Laura on an epic journey to the bustling streets of the Big Apple and the desert landscape of Wyoming, where the clues to her future happiness are waiting to be discovered…

My Review

Following Evan is not your normal romantic mystery. It has that special element to it that will captivate the reader. Making it too hard to put down. A touch of sadness that will linger on in you after you have finished reading it.

A story with escape.

A story with hope.

We begin the book meeting Laura who lives alone in a London townhouse. Suffering with grief from the death of her husband and then her baby. Life is cruel for Laura and the author Elida May brings a silent strength to Laura’s character.

After 3 years of barely living, Laura puts her pain behind her and sets about living again. She’s very anxious at first but begins to realise there is more life to live.

A message from a stranger in New York gives Laura something to at last look forward to. A happiness she never thought she would have again.

I love the way Elida May draws you into this story right from the first page. It’s well written and very descriptive.

Therefore I feel Following Evan deserves 5 out of 5 stars.

Kindle Edition 239 pages
Published 16th June 2016

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*I was given this book to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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