Taking Your Blog From Hobby To Money Maker

Blogging is something that more and more people are looking to do. It is something that can be done from home, alongside family and other commitments, so it can be a good hobby to have. Writing and creating content that you love can be really therapeutic, and if you are able to hone in on a specific niche, you could even make some money out of it. But how can you take your blog from hobby to money maker and a business? Here are some things to think about.

Taking Your Blog From Hobby To Money Maker

Know your audience

This may seem like something quite obvious, but you’d be surprised by just how many bloggers out there aren’t really blogging with an audience in mind. That is fine, but not if you want to make money. You need to know what your audience wants and what they would be interested in. Google Analytics can be a good first step to see who your current audience is, but if you wanted to aim your content at a specific audience, you could change what you post about. 

VPS Hosting

Getting the right hosting for your blog is something that can take some time, as you get to grips with the tech side of it, and you get used to different providers and what they offer. One thing to consider, though, is using cheap VPS hosting. One of the benefits for a blogger is that it gives you a unique IP address which is just for you, which can be an added element of safety and protection which is important, especially if you’re looking to make your blog into an eCommerce enterprise. 

Lead generation

When people hear about money making from a blog, guaranteed that one of the first things they think about is revenue from ads or affiliate links. But some of the blogs making the biggest money rely on something different each day, in order to generate an income, and that is lead generation. Lead generation and using this through blogging is an indirect method of profitability, but it is still something that is powerful. Lead generation is all about attracting visitors to your blog, where you then turn those visitors into paying customers, if you have an eCommerce store as part of your blog, or have a book for sale, for example. 

Affiliate links

If you have a really engaged audience, and you have influence over them, which a lot of popular bloggers have, then using affiliate links for things can be a good passive income. If you post about a holiday you went on and share an affiliate link with the holiday company, that could be pretty lucrative. If you’re a fashion or beauty blogger and share what you love, all via affiliate links, then if people like what they see, they’ll click to buy it. A percentage of that goes to you, at no extra cost to the follower doing the buying. It can be a lot of work, so it does depend how engaged your audience is with you, as to how successful this will be. 

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